Jam Sesh Scheme

John and I have started a tradition. We like to lure our friends to our home with promises of being fed and then we like to make them sit and play music with us for hours.

Our normal crew is Jenna Kimble, Belen Albanes (not pictured down below), and Tim Olsen. Tim, our most peculiar friend, has brought us the most random but wonderful gifts everytime he has come. The first time he brought us a bag of cotton candy...thats a normal house warming gift right? Then he brought us Becky. Becky is a bottle of intense organic chili pepper. Becky is used in a lot of our food. (That's Tim behind Becky)

So here is how the night goes...

Friends come over
We feed them dinner
We laugh and share stories
We feed them dessert
(Normally something delicious like pie in a teacup)

Jenna makes unusual faces while enjoying her dessert

We pile all of the dishes in the sink for later
We light the candles in the fireplace

Turn off most lights
Take out our instruments and our voices
And let inspiration come.

Play for hours
Friends leave

John and I talk about how good it feels to have people in our home

Husband and I do dishes together

I get to stay and kiss John goodnight

(thats my favorite part of the whole evening)


Anonymous said...

Love it. Very good times! I love what you are doing with this space -- making it just as beautiful as your place. :)

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