One year older and wiser too

For Daddy's birthday this year he wanted to go to the Decatur BBQ and Blues Festival.

No presents. No cake.
No party hats.
Just BBQ and music.

(Daddy in picture numero uno)

Happy 57th Daddy dearest!!!

So, we all met up in Decatur and brought folding chairs (or in mine and John's case folding stools) and planted ourselves under a tree to listen to some tunes. My lovely, favorite sister (my only sister) and her husband Joe came, and Mommee and Daddy. There was plenty of heat to go around. We were all piles of sweat.

My mother never meets a stranger. The lady sitting next to her under the tree was in a wheelchair and controlled her chair with puffs of air through a straw. She got polio when her son was vaccinated at a young age. My mother sat and held an umbrella over this woman's head for about an hour. I am most certain that my mother is the most compassionate person ever. Ever.

Hubs and I took approximately 17 strolls around the tiny park, because somehow it felt cooler walking around in the sun than it did sitting in the shade of our tree. We bought some handmade popsicles that were some of the best I have ever had. The coolness of that treat on the sweltering day was divine. I had the strawberry lemonade and hubs had chocolate seasalt. King of Pops made the most unusual flavors but they were brilliant.

John was quite brave to wear white to a place where he knew there would be plenty of opportunities for me to drop food on him. It almost never fails, if he is wearing clothes I will drop food on him. He has come to expect it though and no longer really minds.

The music was beautiful, the heat was exhausting, but the company was the best.


Team C said...

So good to see your family. Your hair is darling, and I agree with you about your Mum. She is amazing. So glad you two are happy. He is a match made in heaven for you!! love and miss y'all! Amy Christensen

Brittney Filter said...

i'm also liking the new do! mine is cut short like that, but i'm not nearly pulling it off like you are! i'm loving the picnik program, thanks for the tip!

Vickie said...

Your hair!! why is it that girls chop off their hair when they get married? it's the weirdest thing! BUT i like it! You look good baby!

Tunes & Spoons said...

Thanks Vickie, but I feel like my hair looks like a mom. I regret it with everydiber of my being. Sad day it twas' that it was cut off. But now I am thinking of cutting really thick straight across bangs. Hmmm...what to do?

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