Our Children

Since we don't have real children yet we have instruments.

Hannah- A Martin DM. John's most prized possession other than his testimony and me. He bought her one summer after working in a harvest in Walsh. He saved up all of his money from the harvest to buy her. She sounds glorious.

Ava Marie- A 1970's vintage Atlas F-111. We purchased her in lieu of a guestbook for our wedding reception. All of our family and friends signed her as they came in. She is tat tat tatted up.

Evie- Mahalo U-50G Ukulele. The newest addition to our family. We purchased her in Tennessee at a music outlet in Pigeon Forge. She has the power to make anyone feel happy.

Here are the girls...

Lately John and I have been on a music writing kick. Maybe someday we will grow up and become real musicians or something. When John blessed our home when we first moved in, he prayed that it would always be full of music. Everyday we fulfill that blessing. Whether we are playing the girls or playing a new record on our record playa, music fills the air in our home. We like to go to Goodwill and get old records for 50 cents to a dollar. Some of our favs...

James Taylor- Mud Slide Slim
BB King
The best of Marvin Gaye
The best of Elton John
Benny Goodman
Norman Lubhoff Choir
Barbara Streisand
Loggins and Messina

(Our record playa. Like gangsta playa not like the Spanish word for beach.)

"When words fail, music speaks."

That's how it is in our house.


Anonymous said...

i love your girls! and now i know what to get as a housewarming gift...a record hon, not a new guitar!

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