C'est Fall!

Do you feel that kids?  That's right, its fall.  The real deal;  I mean wind-blowing, leaves falling, crunch beneath your new shoes and feet real deal fall.  Today I babysat and opened up the doors and listened  to the wind bellow and tinker through the trees while airplanes flew by.  Other than the fact that the kid pooped three times while I was there, it was bliss.

Today I rushed home after work to be with the love of my life.  We were both STARVING and I was having one of those "oppositions to the kitchen" nights.  So, we went to Sandy Springs knowing there were about 15 hundred restaurants that would suffice.  

"How about Flying Biscuit? Fresh 2 Order?  Nothing but Noodles? Or we could try that French place in Perimeter?"

Um, yes please!  I can't believe I have lived in Sandy Springs for for almost 5 years now and I haven't been to la Madeleine

(Look at those fall clouds creepin' in like creepers)

We had read rave reviews on their Tomato Basil Soup; we had to try it.  So we had:

2 Bowls Tomato Basil Soup
1 Quiche Lorraine
1 Quiche Florentine
2 Ice Waters
...and all the fresh French bread we wanted

This is me in my old lady sweater.  I got it at Loehmann's because it was cashmere and Juicy Couture, but really its just a geriatric poop-green sweater trying to be cool. What a wannabe. But I sure do love it.

P.S.What's up with that USA Today newspaper box in the background CLEARLY trying to ruin our French ambience?!

Miss Lorraine

Miss Florentine

Soup Soup Soup Soup

French Sourdough

Then we did something we shouldn't have...

So, these French desserts were just staring at us!  How rude right??  We went over to see what they wanted and then they begged us to buy them and take them home to eat.

Fine, "We will each get one."

I picked the Sacher Torte
Husband dearest picked the Strawberry Napoleon

"Oh what's that you say? We got a coupon for another free dessert when you printed out our receipt?  Geez, I guess we will have to get the French Vanilla Berry Tart..."

John and I took our treasures home and sat at the table and tasted each one...slowly...one...by...one...

We think we will move to France just for the desserts alone.  I mean, if American French desserts are this good, I can't imagine how good French French desserts are!

Our favorite was...

...the Sacher torte which was layers of chocolate sponge cake, with chocolate mousse, chocolate icing, and apricot jam in layers.

Yes, we ate all of them...oh, France we want to move to you so bad right now.


Sara said...

Mmm -- I love tortes!!!

Jersey said...

There is a European pâtisserie in Sandy Springs. 334 Sandy Spring Circle, Sandy Spring. Pretty Legit. It reminds me of all of the pâtisseries back home. Hope you like it.

Tunes & Spoons said...

Thanks Jersey! I'll let you know for sure, I'd LOVE to try it!

Anonymous said...

I love la Madeleine! Their Sacher torte is my favorite. I always visit the one in Duluth whenever I'm over there! :)

Erin said...

ohhhhh so glad you got to enjoy La Madeleine thats one of my favorite places :) soooo delicious!

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