Health rating, shmealth rating.

The other night we went to Taco Fiesta for another one of those lazy dinner nights.  What is WRONG with me, I need to get back in the kitchen.  Taco Fiesta is a 
authentic Mexican restaurant.  It is about 5 minutes from our home and they have the BEST tacos in town.  

I don't even care what their health rating is.  

It was a fiesta in our mouths!  I love it when we go to these places so I can make John order for us in Spanish, that always gives me a shiver, even if he is just ordering food.

I am obsessed with this mexican soda.  It is a lot like martinelli's sparkling apple cider, but the difference is you don't have to wait for midnight on New Years to drink this yummy apple soda.

John likes to drink the Horchata, which is a sweet Mexican rice drink.  I was pretty skeptical at first but after he co-hearsed me in to trying it, I decided, it is DELICIOUS.  John likes to force me to try his foods and drinks. (I will forever refuse to try his favorite snack of cottage cheese and apple sauce...blech.)

I wish I had understood what was going on in the spanish soaps. It looked pretty dramatic.

"Bring our food!" (and another soda!)  Our tacos were amazing, be warned though that what we are pouring on is not guac.  Nope, no way, nosies.  It is hot hot hot.

I'm going to go to bed now and snuggle up to John and listen to Bob Dylan covers.  We are happy, times a million.

*Taco Veloz, also another delish authentic Mexi cuisine place in Atlanta, is one our our favorite spots.  Go try it!


Anonymous said...

i don't care for horchata...chunks in my drink? no thank you!
ps i just have to tell you this...everytime i read this and you talk about you and john in bed...yes. that IS where my mind unwillingly goes. haha! i'm just going to keep imagining the two of you writing FABULOUS music before bed. separately. but together?

Anonymous said...

what is the actual health rating though?

Ashley Terry said...

I love finding random places like that! Very cool. Oh, and I still think your blog is the CUTEST!

Also, it's nice to know someone else likes cottage cheese and applesauce!! I grew up eating it - it's not so bad :)

Unknown said...

THANK YOU ASHLEY! Applesauce and cottage cheese is where its at....see dear, I'm not crazy!

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