I left my husband...girls weekend part 1

I left my husband this weekend.  It is the longest that we have been apart since we got married. (it was almost 40 hours)  I know that it's pathetic and not to be a baby, but I missed him real real bad.  You are probably thinking that I'm a sissy, and that's ok because I am and I am kind of attached to him.

This weekend was so wonderful though.  I have always enjoyed the companionship of women.  There is something really fulfilling about being with all of the women I love.  We crafted, giggled, ate, and of course chatted and never ran out of things to say.  The love and peace that comes from being with family is unmatched.  Being a woman is simply (divine).

(all of us trying to calm Riley down with our kisses)

(all the women in attendance)

My Mother
My Nanny
My Sister
My Aunt Cat
My Cousin Britney
Cousin Brit's baby, Riley
My Cousin Mannah

(we missed our other cousins and aunties!!)

(yours truly)

(my beautiful mama, looking pretty hott for almost 60 huh?)

(sister- Bek)

(Brit and her girl Riley)

(Aunt Cat)




(one of my mother's beautiful flower arrangements in the mason jars from our wedding reception decorations)

(Me and my Birthday Cupcake from Nanny, I'll be 23 in a couple weeks)

(Mama and sister and moi) 

We did some seriously amazing crafts that I am going to share that hopefully will blow your mind.  We made some yummy food. My mother adorned our house in fall decor to perfection so, look out for part 2.


Becca Jane said...

I'm the same way about leaving my hubby. I think it's rare to find someone you honestly want to be with ALL the time...we're lucky! Sounds like a fun time though! My sisters live in Ohio and New Orleans, so our get-togethers are very rare. Happy Early Birthday!

Becca Jane said...

Haha, so seriously! New best friend!! Nate & I are completely obsessed, but NONE of our family/friends are...I don't get it!!! How can you not listen to even just one of his tunes and not be completely captivated by his brilliance on that guitar? Not to mention his voice. You seriously don't get any better than John Mayer. You just don't. If/When I move to Nashville, we'll have to meet up for a show! :)

M said...

I might need your help... .I'm trying to think of cute quirky DIY centerpiece ideas for the wedding!!

Tunes & Spoons said...

Guuuuuuurl, I am allll over that! What is your theme? or ambience? I LOVE DIY projects!

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