Jumping the gun?

Can you feel it, that old familiar feeling?  Fall is creeping in to the air and I love it.  I love it so much that I am jumping the gun on the fall festivities.  I purchased my new mustard yellow coat for chilly days already.  I am dying to wear it, it taunts me as it hangs on the coat rack in our bedroom.  (Yes, Ashley, I said our BEDROOM, go ahead and think about it.)  

One of my favorite things about fall is getting a fall cold.  I know that is weird, but the feeling of being able to curl up in your bed and stay in PJ'S all day is wonderful.  You get to eat soup and I actually think people are precious when they have red sniffley noses.

  Really it's not quite apple season yet but I just couldn't resist when I saw a bag of caramels.  Fall festivity number 1:

All you need: (is love)
4 apples
1 bag of caramels
2 tbsps water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

We didn't have any Popsicle sticks so we had to improvise.  It turns out that a fork works just as well.  However, it did feel a bit morbid for some reason when we pierced the apples.

Heat water and caramels in saucepan, when the mixture melts, add the vanilla.  Then dip your apples in.  We got a little crazy and melted some chocolate in with the remaining caramel.  When it was mixed we put it in a plastic bag, cut the tip, and then swirled the chocolate all around!

O.k. apple, I will eat you.

When we moved in to our home, it came fully equipped with the ugliest wallpaper.  We asked them to remove it but apparently we weren't really persistent enough.  I really don't even see it anymore except when my OCD gets the best of me and all of my red kitchen things are screaming at me, "Get me out of this maroon and seagreen room!"

It was a lovely evening of Phase 10, caramel apples, and catching up with my old friend Jenna.  We made a yummy dinner that deserves a whole post of its own, til tomorrow my friends...  


individually wrapped slices said...

Nice blog Rach! I love caramel apples! With pecans. YUM. And I still have your yoga book. I need to bring it over or mail it to you. Mmmm. Moldy book.

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