The Murphy Ranch

(Isn't this a sight for sore eyes? I fell more in love with my ranching husband after I took this picture...if that is even possible.)

This weekend we went to Avon Park, Florida to the Glenn Murphy Ranch.  It is a magical place.  It has been in their family for several generations.  John's Papa owns it and his father works it alongside many members of the family.

(our sweet Pops)

We woke up and had fresh cantaloupe and relaxed around the house most of the day until the heat calmed down.

We all got dressed in our best country wear.  The boys put on their cowboy hats.  Their plaid shirts, boots, and hats were all so picturesque.

(hottest husband on the block)

(Pops and son)

(Me and the men, trying to look like a ranch girl.)

Pops made me smell horsey poop.  It didn't smell like ANYTHING! It was great!

The picture below is one of the many beautiful views on the Murphy Ranch. This picture makes me want to climb that fence and run as fast as I can through the field. Then I would lay down a blanket and invite my John to have a picnic in the field with me.  We would eat fresh fruit and sandwiches with homemade bread.  Then maybe we would lay down, smooch, and watch the clouds go by.


I wanted to ride a horse so Pops saddled one up for me.  This here is Cowboy.  The family ranch horse.  He drives like a car, he is so obedient.

John rode Cowboy first so he could break him in a bit before his wife hopped on.  

The day was glorious.  The breeze was so perfect.  It was touching to look out over the hundreds of acres and look at the beauty of the earth.  I love the earth.  I think Heavenly Father did a pretty wonderful job making it.  And I am thankful for it.


Anonymous said...

i just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and absolutely love it!!! your pictures are so beautiful- what photo editor do you use?

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad he's able to bring more of the country out in you:) that horse looks so nice and intelligent...

Tunes & Spoons said...

Actually I use two different things. I use picnik which is a free online editor. Its super fun to play around with. And then I also use the hipstamatic app for the iPhone!

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