Operation France and Breakfast for Dinner

Last night we had FHE, like most Monday nights.  It was great.  We finally figured some things out.  John and I have been seriously thinking about doing a study abroad to France for a while now.  We have been praying and pondering if it is the right decision for us for this coming summer.

We sang the perfect hymn for the night, "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go, Dear Lord"

We had breakfast for dinner.  That is always one of our favorites,  John says, "I could literally eat breakfast anytime of the day."  We had:

Pancakes:  We mixed it up a bit with fresh chips of strawberry, 3/4 cup of sour cream, and a dash of vanilla in the mix.  Then we garnished with fresh strawberry slices on top.

Bacon:  Cooked almost til done in pan then we put it on a plate in the oven at 175 for about 5-7 minutes to give it more of a crunch.  Really that is the best way to eat bacon.

Hashbrowns:  John cooked these in the leftover bacon grease!  YUM!  Then of course he added jalapeños and salt and pepper.  They were better than Waffle House.

We already have our fall decorations out, most of these came from my girl's weekend with my family.  I love the holidays so much.  I feel like everyone is so excited with the anticipation of fall just right around the corner.  It is trying so hard to be here.  Just a few more days I hope.  "Come on Fall, you can do it!!"

In honor of our night I went to the European Market here in Roswell and got us some European chocolate.  It was divine!

For our activity we had planned on doing research for French programs and scholarship opportunities but that kind of didn't pan out.  So, instead I did a project that I have been obsessing over for about a week.

Thank you to (THIS LADY) for the inspiring idea.  You can see better directions on her blog.

I made a really cool earring holder.  This is so much better than throwing them all in one bag and having to search for the match!

My husband surprised me two nights ago with an early birthday present.  Seriously, we both can't wait for anything.  He was too excited and I was too curious so I let him give it to me.  

He gave me a beautiful pair of 1.4 carat Citrine Studs.  I LOVE them!  He said he thought they looked a lot like my beloved favorite color...mustard.  Now I have a beautiful new place for them to go.  Good job honey...good perfect job.  


Anonymous said...

I love that earring frame!! I may just have to steal that idea. I'm wondering how the kitties would feel about it though. Hopefully they wouldn't see it as target practice :)

Matt Allemani said...

GOSH I love breakfast for dinner and yours looks just beautiful. I love this blog because it helps me keep track of one of the loveliest couples I have ever seen. :)

Jersey said...

Um you know of all people that I will love the idea of youse in France. I think you will really like the atmosphere and people there! C'est tres AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

holy canoli. i'm making myself an earring holder now...

Anonymous said...

i ate Milka chocolate all the time when i served in Romania...it is the best chocolate out there i am so jealous of your European market!

ConnieB said...

Mmmm I could really use pancakes right now- you've inspired me to go make some! (: And awesome job on the earring holder! I love your frame!!! ♥

Tunes & Spoons said...

Send me your address and I will send you some Milka!!

Connie- thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL idea! Enjoy your pancakes!!

Tunes & Spoons said...

I forgot to mention that what makes these frams the most special of all is that they hung in my mothers room when she was a little girl. The other match frame is in my living room.

becky said...

haha ours are like identical! great minds think alike :)

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