A Perfect Florida Friday

Perfect day. Perfect, perfect, perfect day.

For the first time since John and I became husband and wife, we went back to the temple where we were married.  We came down to Florida this weekend to be with our amazing family that lives in Avon Park.  We arrived last night at about 3am, snoozed til 8:30am and then got up and headed an hour north to Orlando to worship in the Orlando temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It is one of my life goals to go to EVERY LDS temple in the world.  So far, I have been to more than 30 different temples.  There are about 120 LDS temples in the world right now, so I'M ABOUT A FOURTH DONE! (Although they keep building them, which is going to make this goal harder and harder to beat!)  John better get a fancy job so we can travel everywhere, cause this lady likes to travel.

I felt so emotional as we arrived.  Seeing the place where our eternal family began filled my heart with joy.  I can't express the happiness that I feel when I realize that I have the absolute knowledge that John and I will be together forever.  NOT just "til death do us part".  I would be so sad if what we have ended with death.  We believe that death is just a new beginning and that our family will be forever.  Literally, forever.  That is heaven to me.

Handsome boy in front of the temple.

(gorgeous clouds)

We went with our dad and our step-mom Kathy.  We are lucky to have amazing parents on both of our sides.  My father-in-law continues to amaze me each time we get together.  When John and I call him from Atlanta to chat and I say hello, it warms my heart to hear him say, "Well hello sweetheart!" on the other line.  I love that man and I am so grateful to John's parents for helping raise him to be the man he is.

Today was a day filled with love from the Lord.  We love going to the temple and feeling the power of the spirit.  We are so grateful for our knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are so grateful for the worship that we can participate in inside of the temple.  We know that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and we love Him with all of our hearts and we hope to serve Him all of our lives.

(On the way to the Country Club for dinner after going to the temple.)

Bye Temple, we will miss you.  Til' we meet again.

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ConnieB said...

HI!! I found your link on Spoiled Eggs and had to say you have such cute pictures up! Love your editing (: ALSO, my hubby and I are thinking of moving to FL. Someone told me just today to forget about doing my hair cause it won't ever look good. But now I'm thinking- how can this be? SHE looks cute!

Tunes & Spoons said...

Wow! Thank you so much! Florida is a beautiful (AND HUMID) place! I must have just been blessed that day because we went to the temple! Ha! I fee like I am having an eternal bad hair day, I chopped off 10 inches of my hair right after we got married and I am regretting it everyday!!! Checked out your blog this morning, ITS beautiful! (and so are you!)

Kacie said...

girlfriend!! i think i have that same dress in a grape color. well.. maybe the same TYPE of dress because i got it at a thrift store for 2 bones.

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