The Weight

There are many reasons why I love John Murphy.

One of my favorite things about him are his hands.

I love his hands because...

they take out our garbage
they massage my shoulders when I have have a long hard day at school
they drive us everywhere we go
they have worked hard for him all of his life, like working with his grandparents building fences and working cattle on the ranch
they wipe my tears when I cry for silly reasons
they always help me put the dishes in the dishwasher, always
they hold me close and hug me tight
they play me beautiful music
someday they will hold our babies, I think that's my favorite thing of all.

All of these things are manifested in his hands and his fingertips.  He says that ever since he got an "office job" his hands have gotten soft.  He did manual labor on both sets of grandparent's ranch his whole life. But I think his hands are still rough and tough.  I love to run my fingers over the callouses on his finger tips.  He has them from playing Hannah so much.

Here we are holding hands at dinner last night. I love his married looking hand.  That means he belongs to me...forever. 

Now, what you have all been waiting for...

John's vocal TUNES AND SPOONS debut.

The Weight by The Band

and me...being ridiculous on the side.  I make a crazy face towards the end, that's because John's computer was on it's last breath and alerted us that we only had 6% left 'til the computer killed over.  We were full of anxiety until we finished.


Anonymous said...

YAY! This is one of my favorite songs. And yall did it great justice :)

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