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We believe in family.  We believe in love.  We believe that "Home can be a Heaven on Earth". Truly.  

Becoming a wife and a homemaker has been the most exhilarating and fulfilling experience of my life.  The greatest happiness anyone will ever feel will come from a love filled, spirit filled, and peace filled home.

I love making our home a place of comfort and a place of love.  My heart sings with joy when I hear John say his prayers at night and he says things like, "Thank you for my wonderful wife and all of the hard work she does to make our place a home." Wow.  I am so happy.  I never knew life could be so good.

"I believe our problems, almost every one, arise out of the homes of the people. If there is to be reformation, if there is to be a change, if there is to be a return to old and sacred values, it must begin in the home. It is here that truth is learned, that integrity is cultivated, that self-discipline is instilled, and that love is nurtured." -Gordon B. Hinckley

"Old sacred values", I sure hope we are living by those.  I loved President Hinckley.  I am grateful for his words because it reminds me that we have the responsibility to make our homes worthy of the Lord's spirit and worthy of our beautiful families.

Here are a few of my favorite scenes from around our little home.  We love where we live and the safety and peace we feel in our home.

I am John's queen so I get to hang my towel on a crown.

Do you remember reading this book as a child?  Wednesday night when I went to my Aunt's house she gave John and I this one of a kind vintage board game.  It is a game that Beatrix Potter herself made up!

I love our bird egg blue antique shower rings and ruffled shower curtain.

I really have an unhealthy obsession with a few things.  Birdcages and scarves.

We found these letters (antiquing on Labor Day) So happy to have finally found the spot for them.

My favorite scenes though are those that involve our music.  John and I make our home come to life when we play our music.  Life is so beautiful and we love our HOME.

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P.S. for those who HAVE entered and sent us song suggestions and recipes, we are enjoying them SO MUCH!  We are so overwhelmed with delicious things to cook and beautiful songs to learn!  Thank you!


Anonymous said...

i soo love your daybed couch and your antique everything (obviously)! gorgeous pictures and i am so jealous that you have a home you can decorate to your heart's content!

Katy said...

Holy crap your apartment is so perfect! It looks so comfy and has so much antique and vintage love. :-) So cute! I love it!

Being a wife is amazing and so much fun! I get the most joy in my heart when I make a homemade dinner and my husband takes a bite and subsequently high fives me! the best feeling ever! or when he compliments on my knitting or my decorations. :-) so great!

Tunes & Spoons said...

Katy! I am totally with you on the husband thing!!! When they love what you fix you seriously feel so incredible!!!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Gosh, I always get such a little thrill from visiting your blog. You remind me of me, except WAY cooler!!! HA!!

I, too, am happier and more fulfilled than EVER in my new role as wife/homemaker. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more, and feel ridiculously blessed.

I adoooore all these pictures you included. What FABULOUS style you have! Your home is enchanting. And that quote? Gave me chills. How very, painfully true.

Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend.

Jamie said...

I love your decor style. It's a beautiful little place you got there. :]

Unknown said...

I love the old typewriter!!! My parents used to have one but they got rid of it...disappointing

Bethany said...

I'm so excited to meet you! I read about you on e.day' blog and knew I had to come over and visit.

What a beautiful home you have! I love the antique flair and how everything fits together so perfectly. It's soothing just to look at.

Isn't being married amazing? There's nothing better than sharing every moment with your best friend.

Happy Homemaking!


Natalie said...

I have that shower curtain! Your home is adorable!

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