A Tea Party (Mormon Approved)

When I was a little girl, I had a lot of energy.  I was basically the poster child for ADHD. It was so bad in fact that after my FIRST week of kindergarten my teacher called my parents on Friday and said, "I have really been meaning to call you guys and speak with you about Rachel's behavior."  Eeek!  5 days and I was already running circles around everyone!

When I had too much energy and I couldn't sleep I remember complaining to my mother and she would make me a nice hot cup of Sleepy Time Tea.  I can still remember us sneaking down quietly to the kitchen in our PJ's and momma would warm up a mug of water.  The beep of the microwave as it finished warming was almost heavenly and then we would add a little honey and I would wait not so patiently and almost always burn my tongue with the first sip.  But, it always calmed me down and the warmth on my tummy made me...

(a picture from mine and hubs tea party on Tuesday night)

So, last night when hubs and I were doing our papers we had a late night treat.  I had had this Cherry and Madagascan Cinnamon Tea at the Zimmerman's one night when I spent the night on Lisa's squeaky twin bed.  I fell IN LOVE!  I looked and looked for it everywhere afterwards and it took me quite some time to find it.

The Ingredients:

natural cherry flavour
orange leaves
apple pieces
liquorice root
cherry pieces

(Even the taste of these words are delicious)

*and of course a drizzle of honey in the bottom of our cups*

We bought these teacups for decorations for our wedding reception.  We got a huge assortment all for a dollar each at My Sister's Antiques in Loganville.  We put candles in side and put them in the birdcages on the tables.

(2 photos from our reception)

Last night brought me back.  I sat there and sipped my tea as John did research for his paper.  The taste was calming and it made me miss my mother.  This weekend is her birthday.  She and my sister and I are all going camping tomorrow night (like in a real tent and everything!) and then Saturday while John is at his interpreters course we are all three going to go to the temple together.  I love being with them.  We are best friends.

(I love the reflection of our chandelier in the tea)

I think I am going to make John and I a cup of tea again tonight as he finishes his paper and then we are going to tuck ourselves in to the most comfortable bed in the world.  We will throw our white down comforter up in the air and let it come down softly around us.  We will say our prayers, smooch, and John will turn off the light.  Then we drift off to sleep with warmth in our tummies.


Anonymous said...

Rachel, You are precious, still ADHD, but your calming spirit meets mine and I feel warm all over. Love you today and forever, Mom

Anonymous said...

okay, you're really going to have to stop having such beautiful posts, i am starting to feel like a creeper!!

but i loved it. and happy happy birthday to your mom! i hope you girls have an amazing time camping :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a lovely post. I really enjoy tea, but always forget to make it in favor of java. LOVE the birdcage veil!

Katy said...

I love #1- that your mom was the first to comment on this. Seems like my mom is the only person that comments on most of my posts.

I love your veil also!

I love this post so much! ;-) thanks for the comment on my blog! you're sweet!

morgan. said...

oh my, i simply love tea parties.

Anonymous said...

oh camping with your mom:) i hope she sets up a "living room" with hammocks and christmas lights...i remember we went canoeing and she pointed out all of the different trees to me. i don't remember them (sorry) but i loved spending that time with her. and you're just like her mrs. rachel! love you!

Katie Blacker said...

i love your pictures too! thanks for the comment on my blog. I think after reading this post I need to have a tea party just to have an excuse to use all those pretty tea cups calling my name at the vintage stores.

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

I'm in love with your photography very nice !!! thanks for stopping by my page new follower hope you can follow too !!!

Anonymous said...

sounds delicious! beautiful photos!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow what a lovely blog you have! And a fabulous post too!

P.S. I am having a wonderful giveaway, please feel free to stop by and enter!

Pia said...

Oh how I love to have a cup of tea before bedtime! It always makes me sleep better.

Your blog is so lovely! And I am completely in love with your header!

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