I am a Cougar

twenty three is sweet.

John Murphy turned 23 yesterday.  
I turned 23 back in October. 
So, yes it's true... 


I may only be 3 weeks and 6 days older than Mr. Murphy, but its still makes me older. (and I secretly like the way that makes me feel.)

John wanted good food and a jam session for his birthday, so I pulled some strings and made it happen.

The requested Birthday Menu:

Pumpkin Soup (recipe here)
Grilled Paninis
Better Than Sex Cake

Our guests and lovely friends who came (plus Julius who showed up fashionably late):

Although John liked his birthday cake, he says it didn't live up to its name. :) DUH. (I'm allowed to say this because we are married! YIPEE!)

After dinner we all went to the living room to create some tunes.  John had some special new toys to play with.  For his birthday I got him a set of 7 harmonicas and a head piece so he can play guitar and harmonica at the same time.  WHOA.  He is going to be a one man band.  
I am convinced he will get so good and then leave me to go on tour around the country.   

He looks quite good in his get-up.  I can't decide though if he looks like he has been in a really bad car accident or if he has the coveted nerdy head gear for braces.  Any way, he makes it look good.  He was in heaven last night messing around with different sounds and improving on the harmonicas.

Belen just wanted to play with our mustaches.

I'm so glad he was born.  I can't believe how sweet life is right now.  What a lucky lady I am to have such a full life.  We can't wait to see what the age of 23 has in store for both of us.  I feel its going to be a great year. 

 Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams.


Jessica said...

These are adorable pictures, and I love how you have candles in your fireplace! Quite creative and endlessly chic.

Ashlee Martin Smith said...

Happy Birthday to John! And I love your blog...I've been yearning for another post!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday mr. murphy!!! you are quite possibly my two favorite online friends. we are considerered friends, right?

this birthday party is awesome. love the cake and your remarks on it. they made me crack up.

can't wait to hear your new harmonica-fueled jam sessions :)

Michaela said...

What fun! Everything is adorable, especially the "Happy birthday husband" print (: You two are sooo cute!

Abbey said...

Looks like an awesome birthday! (: Love the harmonicas! My boyfriend would die for those!

~M~ said...

I am 7 months older than my husband and I love it!

Pia said...

Happy happy birthday to John!
Looks like you had a lot of fun! The cake looks so so good.

(Speaking of cake...I decided to post the recipe for the cheesecake on the blog. I started writing, trying to translate the recipe, and I gave up completely frustrated after 10 minutes. Translating a recipe is a lot harder than I thought!)

Kell said...

Happy birthday to him!
Also.. I've had that cake. It's so yummy.

Becca Jane said...

Since we met on the mish, I am 2 1/4 years older than Nate. It's weird!

Happy Birthday John!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Awww!! These photos were such fun!!! Looks like a wonderful birthday for your hubby. :) And that cake looks amazing!!!! ;P

Have an awesome weekend girl!

Jen said...

Look at the two of you... adorable!! And It looks you really made his day special. Nice job wifey!! :-)

lauren brimley said...

You totally are a cougar. You should be ashamed. hahahaha! :)

This post was so precious!

Jessica Holly said...

This is so cute! I love your apartment, you have great style :)

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