Dremes do come true

We all have them.  
Especially around this time of year.
In my family we have always written letters to Santa and my parents have kept them in an old tin can.  Every year I love going back to the old can and reading all of my letters from childhood.
This year since I am now an old married lady, my mother thought I was responsible enough to have my tin can.

When I brought it home John and I decided to read through all of my old letters.  We also came across some old Santa pictures.
Every Christmas I read the letters.
And every Christmas I can't believe the things I used to ask for.

John and I had so much fun reading through these.  Of course he laughed at all of the silly things I asked for as a little girl.

  Here is one of my first Santa letters.  I didn't even know how to write so Daddy wrote it for me.  Apparently I didn't know how to speak well either...

Then we got to a set where I asked for the same thing...
3 years in a row.

The board game Dream Phone.  

Oh, how I remember it.  I wanted that game so badly.  How I longed to know who my secret crush was.  I coveted that huge hot pink telephone with the voice on the other end whispering clues to me about my crush.  

The first year I asked for it...it didn't come.

(Would you like a few translation tips for this letter? I believe "brieb" means barbie.  Prisaess= princess...
dreme= dream.  
Believe it or not I won 3rd place in my spelling bee in 3rd grade.)

The second year I asked for it...Santa let me down again. At least I learned how to spell dream.  Also apparently I had a thing for ying-yangs that year.

The third year I asked for it...nothing, again.  My little girl heart was broken.  I gave up.  I grew up. And soon the desire for a fake pink phone grew in to the desire for a real cell phone.

After John and I finished reading through the letters I placed my childhood desires carefully back in to that old tin can.  I sealed up the can and rested it in my box of old Christmas things.

Two nights ago after I got off of work, I drove to my parents house to see the Christmas decorations my mother and sister put up while John and I were in Colorado.  John decided to drive from work and meet me out there.  We spent the evening catching up and meeting the new puppy that momma got.

When the night was drawing to a close John said, "Santa Claus came to visit my office today and he left something for you.  He wants me to give it to you now"

I asked him if "Santa Claus" just wanted to wait to give me the gift on Christmas day.  

He said, "No, Santa thinks you have waited long enough for this gift."

He went out to the car and brought back an embarrassingly large brown box.  I had NO idea what it could possibly be.  I am always amazed at John's ability to give the most perfect of presents.  As I struggled with a butter knife to open this mystery gift my eyes caught a glimpse of the contents inside.  

I was speechless.
Seriously, did I marry the most thoughtful person in the world? It was so heartfelt and I sincerely felt emotional about it.  I couldn't believe that after years of  longing for this silly game as a child, it finally was mine.  It was almost as if a portion of my childhood came back to me.  I felt giddy, happy, and nostalgic as I cradled this lovely gift in my arms.

So, now I am going to have all the fun that I can with this amazing game.

Dremes do come true.

By the way, the hot pink phone whispered to me, "John Murphy has a crush on you."

My goal in life is to never grow up but to have stellar wrinkles when I am an old woman.  Let's be children for forever.


Natalie said...

This is the sweetest thing ever! You two are adorable.

brookeiam said...

awww this is the cutest blog post i've ever seen!! i remember those commercials and i wanted one too...only at that time i was still denying that i liked boys haha.

your husband sounds adorable and thoughtful! and you do too! i love the letter where you ask for things for your family too!

<3. brooke

Jeska said...

Seriously I loved reading every word of this post. I love how on your third letter you asked for your parents gifts first, I don't think many children do that, how nice! And what a thoughtful hubby!

-Sam I Am- said...

I still remember this one guys' voice would say,

"I know who it is, but I'm not telling.. HA. HA."


This post seriously just made me giddy haha. I love traditions and I love sweet husbands! Makes me super pumped for when I find mine :)

As always your pictures are breath taking and you are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing the dream phone love :)

Jeska said...

P.S. I remember that toy, though I never had one, and I remember wanting a phone for my room at one point too :)

Anonymous said...

i went through the ying yang phase too. and the stusie?stucey?stoosie? phase. so random! i am in love with this post. you two, i tell you what.

and boy did you luck out with the john you got. not sure john from woodland park would have outgrown his curled 'fro stage. surely there is a name for that hairdo?

dream phone reminds me of mall madness. best electronic game EVER!

so glad you are back in action :)

grace said...

that was the cutest story ever! where ever did he find that vintage gem!?

lindsay said...

this is a fabulous post...makes me all kinds of happy too. i can remember playing dream phone with my bff's in the old days...so fun!

and yes please share with us where on earth he found this...and how did he get it so quickly?!?

hope you are having a blast with your dreme phone :)

s|davis said...

Oh man you sure do have yourself a keeper! What a sweet and thoughtful thing John did for you. :)

Ahn said...

so sweet that your parents kept all those letters.

Perfectly Jenn said...

Ok thank you so much for finding me because I'm so touched to read your "dreme phone" post!! I love your John for making your little girl dreams come true. He seems like a very sweet guy!
Your header is beautiful and I can't wait to keep reading your blog. Thank you again for coming to visit me and I hope you'll come back often!

vintch said...

oh man this is hilarious and beautiful all at once! what a sweet, sweet post. you are stunning, my friend, and i'm so, so happy your dremes came true! you deserve nothing but the best, which is what you've clearly found:)

Kelsey Cunningham said...

What a sweet post! Your John definitely wins over woodland park John. What a nice surprise you got.

I was big into the game Girl Talk when I was little, such a classic.

Jessica Holly said...

that is the cutest thing ever!

Abbey said...

Oh my goodness, husband of the year award! :) And I love that idea of keeping the letters you sent to Santa- definitely doing that for my future children!

andy & lo said...

i LOVE this.
and i love how there is a john in there.
that is too funny.
sounds like you married a sweetheart :)

Amanda Moury said...

Isn't it so funny what we wish and hope for as kiddos? I begged Santa for "little girl makeup", you know the cheapy kind in the plastic pink case that scrapes your eyes with applicator? Oh mylanta. And what a GREAT Santa John is for making your dremes come true :)

Diana Smith said...

what a cute idea! I love that you guys can go back and read them!!

Rachael said...

That is so sweet!! I love that he gave you that!! He really is a thoughtful husband! You're lucky :)
So, who are you going to call on your Dream Phone? :)

ali v. said...

oh. my. heavens.

after an otherwise icky day, this post cheered me right up!

a) you have the world's most thoughtful husband
b) I will be carrying on this tradition with my yet unborn children
c) did I tell you how jealous I am of DREME PHONE!??!

love your blog! I'm your newest follower :) thanks for stopping by mine! xo

Anonymous said...

^_^ <--This is my excited face.

I'm so happy to have found your blog just now! I kept reading post after post. You have a beautiful heart. Can't wait to read more. :)

Brooke T said...

This is the sweetest story ever! Oh my gosh I didn't expect that to happen at the end. You have one great husband!! I love the picture with you playing with it! I want to play with youuu ha and good luck on your exam!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

this post makes me happy! how i wish i'd saved "dear santa" letters too and such a sweet dad to write it out for you. it's so funny how the easy bake oven always seems to make the cut! ♥

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh my goodness! I am now in love with your blog...all because of this perfectly precious story! I, too, wanted a dream phone...but Santa granted my wish & brought it to me. It was my favorite game, ever!

Your post has inspired me to dig around my parents' attic next time I visit! I'm feeling so nostalgic for that crazy pink phone. ;)

p.s. How sweet is your hubby!? I love it!!

Tunes & Spoons said...

yes...he does win husband of the year award! Thank you everyone for your sweet comments i love you all!!

also may I just point out the on the first letter Santa has to write back to me that he didn't get me any of the gifts that I asked for rather he got me another nap time map because I destroyed my other one....

also, in one of my other letters i ask for a new arm for baby lise...my parents bought a doll, ripped her arm off, dyed it the right color to match baby lise, and then hot glued it to my one armed dolly. they rock.

Unknown said...

Ahh! This post literally warmed my heart...that is SO ccute!!! I used to play this game at my neighbors house when I was little!

And can we please talk about your desire for Big Willie Style!! That was the jammmmm!!!

-Sam I Am- said...

"you are beautiful and our heavenly father loves you! what more could you ask for?"--- YOU!!!

Could you be anymore wonderful?!?!
Thank you thank you thank you my dear friend. Those words touched my heart more than you will ever know!

You are amazing :)

TupeloLove said...

What a great story! And seriously, your hubby is the bomb. I loved that game, too!

Jennifer Owens said...

Ok seriously. (o: This made me cry and reminded me of a Hallmark movie or something. How special that he got you the Dream Phone! What an amazing gift. I love that your mom kept all your Santa letters, what a fun tradition!

Amy said...

Oh man.
You've done it again. I'm fighting back tears because this is just too incredibly sweet. You are so lucky to have such a sweet man in your life. I love Christmas traditions.
That phone is too cute!

Shay said...

This makes me all kinds of mad because it reminds me that I wanted one of those and never got it either...HA! Problem is, my hubby will just laugh and laugh...and laugh when I drop hints about still wanting it! Cute post!

Victoria said...

Soooo cute! That is awesome!

I always wanted girl talk, but I hated getting those stupid pimple stickers! {They were the punishment for messing up}

And I also never owned Candy Land.

How I missed out.

I'm so glad you finally got your game!

Jessica said...

I just cried.. that was my favorite game of all time and I think about it all the time!!! How amazingly sweet is he?! so glad you finally got it, I would kill to have mine back!

Jessica said...

and did you play mall madness?? those two games were my life.. tell John you need that too.

meghan said...

ummmm tears...I am in tears! I love this post!! You are absolutely adorable!!
Thank you for your sweet comment the other day, it came at the perfect time, I needed to hear some encouraging words!! Can't wait to follow more of your sweet adventures! xo.

Erica said...

No way! I wanted one of those too (and never got it)! But I didn't ask for one three years in a row from Santa, so I guess I don't deserve one.

P.S. I love that someone is getting a lil' fresh with Santa Claus. Does Mrs. Claus know? ;)

syd b. said...

okay this is the cutest story ever. you two are just to adorable together!

Anna Walker said...

Ha I so remember seeing the commercials for this phone, but I wasn't 100% interested in it! I was more interested in those Barbies!

Amazing! You have yourself one great husband!


Colleen said...

Wow what a good gift.

BJJ said...

Awesome post!
loved Dream Phone. Didn't all us chicas?


Baily J

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