my heart's like a kick drum

I woke up this morning after a glorious night's slumber to a feeling of complete overwhelming gratitude for that little husband of mine.
I really have no way to describe it but I will say that marriage is by far the most rewarding and positive thing I have ever done. Companionship is such a marvelous thing.

John Murphy here are a list of things I love about you right now at this moment in our lives:

-i love it when you call me "wife of my life"
-i love it when i am cooking in the kitchen and you come up behind me and give me a smooch and say, "emmm, that smells good."
-i love that you get so concerned for the well being of my feet and you have now told me that i am no longer to wear a certain pair of flats.  if i do, you said you will not go out in public with me.
-i love it when we have surges of energy and we wrestle like 10 year olds and some one always ends up getting hurt.  i swear i don't think we will ever grow up.
-i love when you get cranky when you get sleepy.
-i love how excited you get when its so so late and i give us permission to watch one more episode of LOST.
-i love all of the hilarious quirky things that you say. i wish i could remember every single one of them.
-i love when we talk about all of the baby names that we love. please let me name one of our sons marion. please.  i promise i won't let the other kids call him marion the fairy-on.

Although I am sitting here alone in the living room in our little apartment with a rug burn on my knee from our wrestling match earlier, I couldn't be filled with more love.  You are taking a nap at 9 o'clock at night and all I want to do is wake you up so we can play some more.  Ready or not, here I come.

wife of your life


Lesley said...

so sweet!

Judy said...

Such a cute post! You are so fortunate to be in love with a good man!


Ashley Slater said...

okay, so I CRACKED UP at marion the fairy-on!

soooo hilarious! and I love all the sweet things you said to your husband. Ahhh, true love ;)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Such a sweet & heartfelt & adorable post. I laughed so hard at Marion the fairy-on. YES!

Have a great week! :)

ConnieB said...

This is so cute, I love it! The lost thing.. that was us EXACTLY! haha! Same with the wrestling/rug burn thing... awww good times. You're going to be glad you made this list to look back on

Shay said...

I love this post- so sweet! Marion the Fairy-on- HA!

Isnt Lost so addicting?!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Cutest thing ever. ;)

Eva Marie said...

very sweet post..

Mariel Torres said...

this is a very cute and sweet post darling

Emma Ann said...

this is tooo cute!!! we wrestle too! and I always end up hurt... like a sprained thumb... ouch! and thats so cute that your the wife of his life!

Rachael said...

So sweet!
I love that you guys play around with each other! Very cute.

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