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Today I am sick.

I woke up this morning and I could barely speak a word.  My throat sounded like I have been smoking for years and staying up having yelling contests with big burley men til 3 o'clock in the morning for the past month. 

This was pretty devastating considering the fact that I was supposed to have a voice lesson today.  Ain't gon' happen! (pronounced like Tracy at 1:27 in this video.)

What was nice about it was that I got to stay in bed.
Not just any bed either.
It is a magical Bed-knobs and Broomsticks kind of bed.

The Mr. and I have been on the hunt for an antique wrought iron bed for months.  One like these:

We found our bed back in December and have been waiting ever so patiently for it to arrive!  Its finally here!  
We have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since last year when we broke our other bed. Oops.  
Nothing naughty, so get your mind out of the gutter.  We were playing a little game of 

"1-2-3 come and jump on me!"

The rules are simple:

1.  You may start this game at any time and the other person has the obligation to join in, no matter what.
2.  Lay on the bed and pile every single pillow possible on top of your self. 
3.  Protect important body parts.
4.  Yell "1-2-3 come and jump on me!" at the top of your lungs.
5.  The other person then gets the biggest and best possible running start, jumps, goes airborne, and lands smack dab on top on the other person, thus impeding normal breath function.
6.  The person underneath the pillows is then obligated to suffocate with giddiness and laughter.

So now we have a lovely new aged bronze wrought iron bed.  I am so proud of our first grown-up purchase together.

After I graduated my Nanny gave me some money to get a gift for all of the hard work I had done.  So, we decided to get the bed that we had been looking around for for quite some time.
When we told Nanny that we had decided to purchase a bed with that money she was overjoyed.
You see, my Nanny is like the real life version of Betty White but even cooler.  When we told her of our purchase she said, 

"Well now I am just glad that I will have helped you get the bed that my great-grandchildren will be conceived in!!"

Oh Nanners.  You are too funny.

So, here I lay.  In our perfect new bed.  Without a voice.  I have had three pieces of cheese toast today with the homemade bread I made two days ago.  I left the house once, to go to the bank and then to buy a printer for our house.  Maybe it's time to take a shower.


I think I'll just wait for John to come home and I'll yell, "1-2-3 COME AND JUMP ON ME"  as soon as I hear the lock turn.


grace said...

enjoy healing yourself in your new bed! tell the mister not to jump too hard... don't want him hurting your sick body or trashing the new bed!!

Meredith said...

awh feel better!!!
i have always wanted one of those beds, they are so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love rule # 6. That just cracks me up! Hope you start feeling better soon! Who needs a showa anyways!

Rachael said...

Aww. It's no fun being sick! Although you can make your husband do things for you in your time of need! Reap the benefits! That'll make you feel better soon. Although think about what you ask him to do for you. He might get back at you when it's his turn.... ;)

Nurse-to-be said...

I love those beds and I want one too! Ahh someday, when I am no longer a poor college student. By the way, that Tracy video was pretty out of control with hilarity. Peace an' blessins' to you all!

Haley said...

1st of all, hope you feel better soon!! and that your beautiful voice comes back :)

2nd, love the "1-2-3 come jump on me!"

3rd, the last bed shot is gorgeous! white with pops of color..and an iron frame. heaven :)

Kate said...

i mostly just love that you quoted tracy. because i quote her on a daily basis. peace and blessings.:]

Shay said...

You are too cute. I love that bed, but what I love even better is that game! I think I will start working on breaking our bed with my husband immediately;-)

Emma Ann said...

aww feel better! you still look beautiful even on your sick days. and that video of the push up bra is too funny

Annemarie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Adore yours - following now :)


Feel better soon!!!

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

Get to feeling better!

I have been looking for a bed frame like that as well, I snorted when I read the comment you grandma said.

Kjohnson said...

"We got almost a whole good year in." What does that even mean Tracy? Thank you for sharing that video I just died laughing. I hope you feel better! I've been sick too and it is no fun.

Beth said...

So jealous of your new bed! I want new bedroom furniture, we have my in-laws old stuff (not the mattress and box spring...ewe!). Hope you are feeling better now!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

I would just like to say that, despite being sick and having no makeup on, you are still GORGEOUS. I think you should do the au naturale thing more often!!

FEEL BETTER my pretty friend!!

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