Su'll aria...che soave zeffiretto

I simply do not even know how to begin to talk about this past weekend in Miami.  
I feel absolutely overwhelmed with love and support. I have so many pictures and stories and feelings.

I was meant to meet Rima.  
We are meant to be friends.  
I am meant to listen to her beautiful wisdom.
I had no idea what to expect from this past weekend but it filled my heart and touched my soul.
I had so many burning questions answered and I feel a renewal of my love for my talent.
I love falling in love with music over and over again.

 (me, French Soprano-Rima Tawil, and the conductor Lynn Luce at curtain call)

 (Dr. Mom (Lynn Luce) and me at the reception after our Saturday performance)

(the Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra and Rima)

(Saturday performance)

(Countess and Susanna)

(The most wonderful people I know.  They are my heart. Mom, Dad, me, Husband)

(courtesy of husband's iPhone)

I performed with the Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra in the Miniaci Center in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday.  Then we performed in Miami Beach at the Colony Theater on Sunday.  Rima and I sang the Mozart duet Sull' aria from The Marriage of Figaro.  
It was magic.
I am still processing the whole weekend.
I am speechless, maybe I can form better thoughts tomorrow.


Sara said...

Congratulations, Rachel!!! How wonderful! I'm really excited for you! You definitely have some fun career moments ahead, I'm sure!

Miss you and your hubby -- say hello to him for me!

Haley said...

Oh I cannot wait to read about your experiences! :) Your voice is a dream :) You & Rima both compliment each other beautifully! I had my little [usually wiggly] Brooks sitting on my lap while I watching the video and he sat and listened without moving...then when it ended he looked up at me like, "it's over?? more please" heehee Gorgeous music! :)

Anonymous said...

i am so so happy for you, friend. this is truly beautiful and gave me chills. your voice!

i can't wait to see all of your pictures and soak up all of the amazing of your experience. i don't think you have to wait until you can form better thoughts- your joy and happiness comes through in every word of this post and makes me so giddy for you!

Judy said...

You looked so stunningly gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful! I was waiting for this post :)

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Wow, I couldn't help but smile the whole way through! Your voice is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Congrats! :)

brit said...

chills!!! you are amazing girl, and i miss you!

Long Stories said...

Oh lovely!! I remember hearing you sing when we were teenagers at EFY; you blew everyone away even then! I wish you would post more of your performances!

Lissa Chandler said...

you look gorgeous in these photos! congratulations on everything that went down this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting!! You look so beautiful and you sound so beautiful. I can't wait to hear more about it! I'm so glad you had such a great weekend!

Shay said...

Oh my goosebumps, Rachel- you looked and sounded beautiful! What a great memory!

Kell said...

You are so amazing!

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