Nursery Week- DIY Mini Banner Pillow

Last week I was a nursery project doing freak!
I completed 5 of my to-do's for EJ's room.
This week we are going to have Nursery Week and I am going to share a few of my projects.

I am really excited to share this project because I came up with the idea all on my own...or at least I think I did.  
So, if you've ever seen a pillow like this one, just keep it to yourself so I can keep thinking I was cool enough to cook this idea up all by myselfsies!

What you'll need:
Several different prints of fabric
Sewing Machine
Tape Measure

I can't wait to rock my sweet baby in this chair.  
I figured a mini party banner would be appropriate since we two will be up partying together til the wee hours of the morn.
Maybe daddy can join us too.
Can't wait.


no place for a baby

Remember that time I was really excited to go the Atlanta Chili Cook-off?

Yeah, it was junk.

I guess I didn't realize how crazy white trash it would be.
I'm pretty sure John and I both contracted 3 diseases each from eating that chili.
When we got there 10% of the competitors had chili left and 75% of that was cold.
We had to squeeze the cold chili in to our mouths from paper cups (which John said were like little sacrament cups).  It was like eating spicy, bean filled gogurt, but not nearly as fun as gogurt.
John sampled some chili that he said tasted like gasoline and it made him cry.

Grossed out yet?

But then Bruster's came to the rescue and saved us with its creamy mint chocolate chip goodness.

John was in line for his ice-cream and I stood in line for some beverage refreshment.  While waiting in the line a drunkard came up to me with two Miller Lite cans in one hand and a plastic cup of another beer in the other.  He stammered, "You, you know what would be a funny picture?"  He put his fat beer belly next to my pregnant belly "THIS!" and then laughed and ran off.

I giggled as I was all alone, pregnant and helpless and subject to fat drunk men with beer bellies as big as my 23 week bump.  Where was my husband when I needed him to chivalrously defend my honor?!

See chili sacrament cups above...yuck.
I did end up using my vote for Team Ugly's chili.  Really their's was pretty good with smoked poblano and pork loin sausage.
Plus they had a fantastic name.

We probably spent 30 minutes in there tops and then got the heezie out. $30 bucks for one tiny cup of decent chili and an experience with a lush...hmmm, we won't be going again.

Now, I'm off to the grocery store today to replenish our supply of toilet paper and get some food up in this house (but no chili...)


Homemade Nanner Ice-Cream

I saw something brilliant on this lady's blog the other day.  I have to agree that it is so easy to just pin and pin and pin til your little creative heart wants to explode.  But the whole thing about Pinterest for me is that I want to make sure that I am LIVING PINTEREST.  I don't want to just collect creative ideas...I WANT TO DO THEM!

So, this gem of a recipe is brought to you by...

Pin found here by soul friend.

And if you think about it, its really quite a healthy dessert (comparatively to say cheesecake or chocolate cake or cookies. all of which I could go for right about now)

Anyhow, try it.  It was amazing.  Now for your viewing pleasure here are a couple pictures of us in our white trash evening attire about to enjoy two big bowls of Nanner Ice-cream.


happy trails...

Last night Mr. Murphy got home from a late evening of some basketball playing and I was laid up in bed snuggled deep down in our comforter.
He promptly came to my side of the bed, bent down to give me a kiss, and then rubbed the side of his sweaty face all over me!  
I gagged and then cleaned the side of face for 5 minutes.
He sure knows how to turn a lady on. 
He went to shower and then the dance show in my tummy began.
EJ started moving and I told John to hurry up and get his buns in bed so he could cop a feel on my growing belly and maybe catch a kick or two himself. (this has yet to happen and I think it makes him sad)
I lifted up my shirt and he rested his hand on my tum.
He rubbed his hand around for a moment and then without hesitation began to sing, "Happy trails to you...."

I am loving the perk of rapid hair growth a-top my head.  
Unfortunately the growth can't be contained to one spot...
Thank ya very much, husband.


being pregs

(me and my tuttah)

Why I love being pregs:

There is really a real tiny little human person inside of me, really people...thats mind-blowing

I feel beautiful

Mr. Murphy affectionately calls me the Pregnant Princess.  It never gets old

The naps.....OH the naps!

That glow that everyone talks about, I feel it on the inside and it makes me happy

Yesterday I got free ice-cream from these random precious black girls at work.  The conversation went something like this:
me: "Ooooo girl, that ice-cream looks REAL good."
girl 1:"Oh, it was for free.  Listen up, if you go to Burger King and get a value meal, they'll just give it to you."
me: "Hey now, don't tempt a pregnant woman."
girl 2:"She just said 'Don't tempt a pregnant woman'. Haaaaa"
girl 1: "You know what?  I have an extra one in the car, let me go get it for you."
girl 2:"Consider it an early baby shower gift."
I hope I get more baby shower gifts like this...really. 

I get extra back rubs. Sometimes really special ones with Love Spell. :)

People touch my belly, most women would complain about this but it's one of my favorite parts.

My hair is growing leaps and bounds, thanks baby EJ.

I haven't had PMS in almost 6 months.

I love feeling our daughter move and squirm. It's magic and I've never felt so alive.

I get random packages from sweet friends filled with beautiful baby girl clothes. (Thanks Kalene!)

Mr. Murphy talks to EJ and tells her goodbye through my tummy every-time I leave the house.

I finally have some thing to blame my emotional crying fests on...preggy hormones are the bomb, no?

Mr. Murphy and I get to try cool things together like Hypnobirthing.  It probably would have gone a bit better last night if I hadn't burst into laughter 5 minutes in to the session.  Poor hubs was giving it a real shot for me and I was the one who ruined it with my giggling...sorry dear, lets give it another go.


i love crowds.

Ladies and Gentlemen (if any gentlemen even read this blog),

Fall is coming.  
We all know that.
But let's just take a moment and revel in that fact....
Breathe in deep,
take it in,
now release.
That was good, wasn't it?

Now, I need to get something off of my chest.
I love people.
I love people watching.
I love crowds.
I love traffic.
I love big cities.
I love festivals.
I love fall.
I REALLY love fall festivals.

In fact, I want to go to a festival or gathering of some sort every weekend until my little crowd loving heart (or pregnant feet) cannot take it anymore.

This weekend my mother, hubs, and I went to the Atlanta Arts Festival at Piedmont Park.

(once you are pregnant it it a must that you hold your belly in every photo)

We enjoyed fine art, visiting with my uncle (who was one of the featured artists at the festival), fajitas from Figs & Honey, gelato from Honeysuckle, and music by The Whiskey Gentry Band.

Despite what my face is saying here, we were really happy to purchase two INCREDIBLE prints by Kendra Baird.
Her work really spoke to us.
We bought one print for EJ's room and one for ours.
We are finally making some headway on EJ's nursery and this lovely mustard is no doubt included in her color scheme which I was so worried about picking.

Next stop...this one 

$10 for all you can eat chili, cornbread, and Brunswick stew! 
Yes to that...but with all of that chili I think we'll be riding home with the windows down.



22 weeks
We are moving right along.
I feel like time is speeding up in a way.
Fall is most certainly making an appearance outside of our house.
I am loving every second of it.

This Friday after hubs and I went to the temple together, we went out for sushi and then got our own makings for hot chocolate.
It was a date night for the books for sure, but it was simple.  It felt like we were dating again.  We giggled and talked the whole time.
We went home, put on sweat pants, and snuggled up in bed and watched The Cosby's.  
I love simple nights like that.

22 weeks has brought some amazing feelings.
I am only just now starting to feel our daughter kick...by far one of the most indescribable things I have ever experienced.
Our little girl must love music just like us because every time I have felt her move it has been while listening to music.
Th other night we were playing opera for her on my iPhone and she went to town kicking and moving.
This past Thursday I was in Atlanta recording a CD with the HVP and she was loving the sounds and started kicking then too during our recording session.
Then this Saturday we had a girls night over at my house and my friend Lauren started to play Avett Brothers on the piano and then yet again...she started kicking.

I cherish every single one of those movements.
I love feeling her move inside of me.  I can't believe that I am providing the home for our daughter to form and grow until she is ready to enter this world.
Often times I look so forward to the day when she gets here but then I stop and realize, "Wait, she IS already here!"
My mother always says to me that I should enjoy every stage of being pregnant and being a mother.  She tells me never to say, "I can't wait til..."  
Because I should live each moment in gratitude for the present.



There is really nothing more comforting to me than writing in my own journal.
Blogging is a wonderful way to share in life and creativity but sometimes there are things that are too personal and sacred to be shared publicly.
Its easy to let your mind get caught up in the thoughts of, "What would my readers enjoy or want to see?"  "What kind of post will be more prone to receiving comments and views?"
But I am often reminded of why it is that I started this blog in the first place:  to record our life experiences good and bad.

So today it is as simple as this, I sat outside and wrote in my journal and felt the cool wind on my skin.  It was euphoric and I felt alive.  

"Fall is approaching and the yellow leaves are lining the ground.  The wind is powerful today and is rolling through the earth like great ocean waves.  It overtook me for a moment and I closed my eyes and my hair blew around my face.  It rushed past my body and I pressed my hand to my belly.  I was tenderly reminded of my Heavenly Father's love for me.  In that moment I was in awe of the creation of the earth and the creation inside of me."


i'm feeling behind...

(21 weeks)

Yesterday I called my mother in an anxious panic with a tear filled sound in my voice.
"Mama, I don't know ANYTHING about birthing babies!"
She assured me that there have been plenty of people who have given birth to babies without ever opening a book.

I have been feeling so far behind.

I haven't read any books.
I haven't taken birth classes. (or even looked at how to sign up for them)
I haven't researched products I need or want.
I haven't started getting serious about decorating EJ's room.
I don't even know the colors I want to use.
We haven't officially decided on cloth diapering or disposables.
I haven't really felt Evaleigh move a whole lot...stupid anterior placenta.
I just feel....so unprepared.

I suppose this all sounds cray-cray.  But I think I let my pregnancy hormones get the best of be this past week.
There is something that clicked inside of my head when I noticed that we hit the half-way point.
I realized that time wise all I have left to do is what I've already done. (I'll just be doing it fatter)

I have all of these fears and this anticipation of hope that I'll be a good mother.
It is what I have always wanted to be, ever since I was a little girl myself.  But now that this moment is finally upon me, I am realizing more and more that being a mother is an incredibly huge and sacred responsibility.

It's a good thing I have the perfect example to emulate.

(me, mother, sister)


i'll eat that sour cream for you

This weekend I went with my soul friend to the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain.
It is voted one of the top five arts & crafts shows in the nation.
Did someone say ARTS AND CRAFTS?! Oh, I'm there!

I grabbed some Green Apple and Blue Raspberry Italian Shaved Ice and Lisa got a burrito from Enrique's Place and we began our trek through the forest lined with hopeful vendors.

It was so much fun to walk through the woods in the coolness and shade of the trees.  The wind would blow just enough to remind us that fall is on its way.  
There was a lady selling homemade drink mixes and we were able to sample some of them.  We tried the Caramel Apple Cider and my eyes got wide and I could taste fall!  
I left with two bags of hand-ground Pioneer Porridge and Ground White Grits.  I can't wait to have them for breakfast.

When we left Lisa and I went to the Atlanta Temple for a few hours.  
I love the temple so much.  
It is such a place of peace and comfort to me.  I was so happy to have been able to take my daughter inside with me!  
I could feel her excitement as we were inside there together and she began to move around.  
I felt so relaxed and hopeful for the rest of my life as I sat in the temple and contemplated silently.  
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to go inside the temple and leave all of my cares behind and have time to feel like spirit and feel God's love for me.  
(and I know Evaleigh felt it too!)


the name.

We have officially decided on the name for our daughter.
We wanted to name her after both of our mothers.
My mother is Evelyn and John's mother is Shelley.
We combined their names and Evaleigh was the result.
Even though we didn't keep the original spellings in tact, we were able to keep the sounds of the names.
EJ's middle name is Joy after John's grandmother Joy Murphy.
We will call her EJ for short.

I love how sentimental her name is.  She will come from a long line of strong and magnificent women.  I am so proud she is joining us.

My sister and I were snuggled up in my bed together the other night and she said to me, "I can't believe this little person has a name and an identity.  She will always be apart of our lives now."

I couldn't agree more and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

I am amazed that out of love can come another life...


and there were drums...

This weekend we celebrated Labor Day with a jam session.
We had lovely weather, Italian Sodas, and a cookout.
Our friends ventured out of the city and came to our country farm and we listened to the night sounds as we ate out on the porch.

I made a Peach and Raspberry Crisp, John always looks forward to these when fall starts to come.

My favorite part of the evening was when we were all jamming and then Mark filled the Italian Soda bottles with different amounts of water and tuned it perfectly to a G major arpeggio.  It was both incredibly nerdy and incredibly genius.

Here are some videos from our jam sesh:


we-go to figo.

Yesterday I finally satisfied a pregnancy craving.

My red-headed soul friend and I went to Figo in Sandy Springs and ate our hearts out.  It is such a charming rustic place where you drink from mason jars and snack on fresh baked bread with tasty olive oil.  
I had the Zucca which is their Butternut Squash Ravioli in a cream sauce.  It was to die for.  She had the Braised Short Ribs Ravioli. Yum!

Its such a wonderful feeling to have a best friend.  I am a woman who has many best friends: my husband, my mother, my sister, and MANY lovely girlfriends.  You can say that I don't believe in just having one best friend.  There are too many wonderful people in the world to just have one favorite.
Lisa and I share a special bond.  She is a friend that touches my soul every day.  I learn so much from her.
Yesterday we met at Figo and when we stepped out of the car we noticed that we were wearing the same hunter green/light pink color combination...freaky.  The rest of the day we were finishing each others sentences and saying the exact same things at the exact same time.  I wish someone could follow us around and transcribe some of our conversations for us to go back and read at a later date.  We's like peas and carrots, me and Lisa.

I love Figo. 
I love Zucca. 
I love Lisa.


DIY Lace Onsies

After seeing this and this on Pinterest, I decided to take a crack at spiffin' up some onsies for our little EJ.

My sister and I went to Hobby Lobby and got loads of lace notions and felt to make flowers and then went home to start our creations.

I am so happy with how they turned out.  I can't wait until her precious tiny body is filling up those onsies, I already have them hanging in her room!

We are 20 WEEKS TODAY!
I can't believe we have already reached the halfway point.
This pregnancy is going pretty fast but I am enjoying every moment.  (Except for the nighttime potty interruptions.  Those are becoming much more frequent. Ex: last night...I went 3 times from 12-5am...little lady likes to dance on my bladder)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day weekend! Here is what we did last Labor Day.  I could go for some more of that!

We are going to cookout and have a jam session, I can't think of anything more perfect.
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