and there were drums...

This weekend we celebrated Labor Day with a jam session.
We had lovely weather, Italian Sodas, and a cookout.
Our friends ventured out of the city and came to our country farm and we listened to the night sounds as we ate out on the porch.

I made a Peach and Raspberry Crisp, John always looks forward to these when fall starts to come.

My favorite part of the evening was when we were all jamming and then Mark filled the Italian Soda bottles with different amounts of water and tuned it perfectly to a G major arpeggio.  It was both incredibly nerdy and incredibly genius.

Here are some videos from our jam sesh:


Jessica Holly said...

You are so cute. This looks incredible!

Katy said...

so fun! ;-) looks like such a great time!

FEAS613 said...

jam sessions are by far my favorite! I am in no way musical - beyond my love for it!!
I think someone should make an hour long CD (should I say MP3, wav file?! Lost) of just a jam session - the talking, laughing and everyone doing their own thing! There's nothing better!!
The girls (assuming one is you) are amazing!!

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