being pregs

(me and my tuttah)

Why I love being pregs:

There is really a real tiny little human person inside of me, really people...thats mind-blowing

I feel beautiful

Mr. Murphy affectionately calls me the Pregnant Princess.  It never gets old

The naps.....OH the naps!

That glow that everyone talks about, I feel it on the inside and it makes me happy

Yesterday I got free ice-cream from these random precious black girls at work.  The conversation went something like this:
me: "Ooooo girl, that ice-cream looks REAL good."
girl 1:"Oh, it was for free.  Listen up, if you go to Burger King and get a value meal, they'll just give it to you."
me: "Hey now, don't tempt a pregnant woman."
girl 2:"She just said 'Don't tempt a pregnant woman'. Haaaaa"
girl 1: "You know what?  I have an extra one in the car, let me go get it for you."
girl 2:"Consider it an early baby shower gift."
I hope I get more baby shower gifts like this...really. 

I get extra back rubs. Sometimes really special ones with Love Spell. :)

People touch my belly, most women would complain about this but it's one of my favorite parts.

My hair is growing leaps and bounds, thanks baby EJ.

I haven't had PMS in almost 6 months.

I love feeling our daughter move and squirm. It's magic and I've never felt so alive.

I get random packages from sweet friends filled with beautiful baby girl clothes. (Thanks Kalene!)

Mr. Murphy talks to EJ and tells her goodbye through my tummy every-time I leave the house.

I finally have some thing to blame my emotional crying fests on...preggy hormones are the bomb, no?

Mr. Murphy and I get to try cool things together like Hypnobirthing.  It probably would have gone a bit better last night if I hadn't burst into laughter 5 minutes in to the session.  Poor hubs was giving it a real shot for me and I was the one who ruined it with my giggling...sorry dear, lets give it another go.


Courtney B said...

Oh this is way too adorable. Makes me want to pregnant now, Husband will love you for this :)
And I love how you like it when other women touch your belly. So many of my friends hated that, but I want to like it. Yes, it would be creepy to have some men rubbing the belly but why is it creepy if women do?
Do I sound like a creeper now? Oops!

Haley said...

LOVED this! you are absolutely one beautiful momma-to-be :) I'm so glad you can feel your baby move!...surreal, powerful, yet tender :) I love that your sweetheart says goodbye to baby EJ! And amen to the baby belly touching! I sometimes even offer my belly to friends when the babe moves around...can't help but share the excitement right?? :)

and thanks so so much for your sweet note on our exciting news! <3 Yay for being preggo twins! ;)

simply megan. said...

you are simply glowing :)

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...
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Unknown said...

You are such a beauty & you wear this journey so well! I couldn't agree more on every single thing you listed about being pregnant. Such a joyous, joyous time, and your joy just radiates off this screen.

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