meant to be.

Two weekends ago husband and I were driving home from the Atlanta Chili Cookoff and in an effort to salvage the day we went to do a little shopping.
We ended up with a sweet sock monkey onsie which Mr. Murphy simply could not leave Buy Buy Baby with out.
I love seeing him get excited about baby things, its darling really.

On the way home I spotted this beauty at a yard sale and we made a quick u-turn to take a closer look.  It was just the thing I had been looking for for baby EJ's room.

To my complete dismay and sadness the dresser had already been payed for and sold to someone else FOR $35!!!!
The woman said I could leave my name and number and if the buyer just so happened to not return to pick it up she told me she would call me.  
Of course I didn't think it was a possibility because who pays for furniture then just doesn't come back to get it?

Well, that lady.

Sure enough 4 days later I got a phone call from Miss Mary Jo and I was able to get that beauty of a dresser for baby EJ's room.  It was delivered to my house and all for the low low price of $35.  A pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself.

So, like all good furniture in my house, it got a paint job.  My sister will probably shudder when I say this, but I shabby chic'd it.  Sorry Bek.

Distressing a piece of furniture is the fastest way to give something a face-lift.  I did all of this in under two hours.
All you have to do is paint the piece then when it is almost dry take sand paper and rub the spots that look like they could have acquired some natural wear and tear.

I am beyond pleased with the results.  

Now...to sort through 16 boxes of baby girl clothes given to us by our aunt and uncle.  These drawers are going to be filled with tiny lovely little things.

(see two other DIY Shabby Chic/Distress Projects here and here)


Unknown said...

oh my LOVE!! You did a fantastic job Rach!!

Preston & Syd said...

That is adorable!!! I have been wanting to paint and distress some furniture for quite some time now and I may just need to now that I have seen this! Can't wait to see your sweet little girl's room when it is all done! :D

Annie said...

So pretty! I love it!

Unknown said...

i just did this same thing!!! I bought a huge dresser for 30 bucks and painted it and bought new hardware...it is seriously as good as new now. Never buying new again!!

Anna said...

ooh ooh ooooooh! this is amazing. thanks for the inspiration!

Rachel said...

I LOVE this!You did a beautiful job!

Jessica Holly said...

um....I'm in love with this!!!

Haley said...

oh. my. That is FANTASTIC!!! What a gem of a find! So glad it worked out for you guys to get it :) And the paint color in just lovely!

Ahn said...

well done. that dresser looks amazing. very antropologie.

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