We are twenty nine weeks (30 on Saturday).  
I can't believe I have been pregnant for 7 months.  
That's a long time.  
I am starting to get anxious to meet her.  I think going to the hospital made everything quite real.  I can't stop thinking about meeting her for this first time.  We are going for an elective 4d ultrasound today.  We will get to see a little peek at what her face looks like.  I kind of feel like we are cheating but it has been 2 and a half months since our last ultrasound and I am dying to see how she has grown.
I know I have...

Today I have piles of laundry to hang up and no motivation with which to start.  I am feeling quite overwhelmed with EJ's nursery as I am alone during the days most of the time.  I haven't really stepped foot in there in over a week.  Hopefully we can make some headway in there this weekend.  

I think I will try to finish reupholstering the couch in there today.  I CANNOT WAIT to show it off.  It was my great grandmother's couch, so stayed tuned for that project.  

Here is a little sneak peek.....

I better get my hiney in gear and work in there while I can still manage.  I miss the days where I didn't let out a large GRUNT or GROAN every time I leaned over to pick something up.  She is sitting so low I feel like I have a bowling ball in my tum.

P.S. Thank You to Spearmint Baby for our little feature.  We will be sure to send the finished Nursery Pictures your way!  


Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I love your baby fashion. Congratulations on 7 months :) It seems fast to me...but I'm not the one pregnant haha

Rachel said...

How exciting....you're almost there!

Haley said...

oh i LOVE your outfit :) you dress your baby bump to perfection! And it makes me want to go out and buy a fun pair of colorful tights!

how wonderful you'll get to see your sweet EJ's face with the 4d ultrasound! you'll have to share pics :) And don't feel like your cheating, that moment when you first hold her and stare into her eyes will be just as magical :) And it's just 10 weeks away!!


PS - i'm just 20 weeks and already grunting when I bend over, or tie my shoes. yowza. lol

PPS - checked out your feature at spearamint baby! loved it! what a fun site :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

You look LOVELY lady....I'm lovin the pretty tights. Enjoy that 4d peek of your beautiful babe...I am so happy for you.


Danielle and Trev said...

Cutest pregnant girl ever. Just found your blog- following now! Love it!

Jessica Holly said...

I can't wait to see that chair!!!

H.Lannan said...

Rachel - I LOVE this blog. I love reading about the things that happen and how you both deal with them :) especially the BB story and what happened and THEN how you described your relationship. BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing and giving hope to the rest of us :) I cannot wait to see your 'little one!'

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