time to bundle up that bump

It is so very fall here.
We have been putting off turning on the heat, but this morning when I woke up with a numb arm and the thermostat in our bedroom said 62 degrees...I finally gave in.  

I'm running that baby all day while I:

wash our sheets
plan for Mr. Murphy's birthday this weekend
look up ideas for our upcoming family photo shoot on The Glenn Murphy Ranch in the orange grove
listen to Christmas music
bask in the glow of the Holidays
and practice for my coaching with this guy for this weekend.

Its time to start wrapping this little bump up.  The sad thing is that I am learning that I no longer fit in to any of my old coats or winter clothes.  Do I have to buy a whole new pregnant winter wardrobe?

We are 29 weeks on Saturday.
Oh, how I love this little girl already.
I had a talk with her in the car last night on the way home from work.  It was just her and I in the car, mother and daughter.
I love the time we have together just the two of us because pretty soon I am going to have to share her with the rest of the world.
I'm not very good at sharing sometimes.
I like to tell her about the things we want to teach her and how many people love her so much already.  I tell her how lucky she is that she is coming to such a loving family.  I love knowing that she really can hear me and she is learning my voice and knows that I am her mother.  I can't wait to put a face to all of these little kicks.


simply megan. said...

I am guilty of breaking out the christmas music toooo :)) It sounds like you and your baby girl already have an amazing bond and it can only grow from here on out :)

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

You will be a fantastic mother :-)

Jessica Holly said...

You look ravishing darling. That hat...gorgeous!

April Rowell said...

You look adorable!!! I, too, listened to some Christmas music today. It makes me happy!

The Michelle Show said...

Ah im having the same dilemma.. I have two coats that kind of fit still, but otherwise I have stocked up on a few thick and warm but cheap Ponchos and capes for winter bumpness.

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