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We have decided to do something a little different.
Cloth diapers.
We tend to get some pretty mixed reactions when we tell people this.  Mostly people thinking we are crazy and saying, "Well good luck with that!"  and completely dismissing the idea.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think shaking poo off in to the toilet will be on the top of my list of favorite things to do BUTT (two t's on purpose...) when it comes to the saving cost of cloth vs. disposables...there is no comparison.

Well, actually there is and you can see it here or here.

Not to mention the environmental impact of disposables considering that from birth to potty training I will change Miss EJ an average of 6,840 times.  That's a lot of diapers folks...and a lot of poo.  Oh man, what have I gotten my self in to?

On Tuesday my sister and I went to The Natural Baby in Athens.  Rebecca Almy gave us a 2 hour Cloth Diapering consult and I now feel more confident than ever in our choice to cloth diaper.  I think it will come with its own challenges but I also think we will come out on top once we get in to a routine.

Here are a few of the things we are starting with.  
I'm not as educated on all of this as I would like to be but I am getting there. 
If any of you have personal experiences or thoughts on the matter I would love to hear them.  What worked for you?  What didn't?  I'm really open to any of the information that is out there, so share with me!
I can't wait to see Miss EJ's little bubbly hiney in these.


Anonymous said...

Although I am not a mother, I have friends who cloth diaper and they all have told me at one point or another that the diaper sprayer that you connect to your toilet has been a life saver :)

Tunes & Spoons said...

@Mandy, THANKS! That's what I hear! It would probably be much better than shaking you know what in to the toilet!

Bethany G said...

Love this post! My hubby and I plan on doing cloth diapers.. and we have already heard things like 'Oh, you won't last long.' Ha... so encouraging, right?!

Susie said...

Hi - if someone hasn't mentioned it yet, the Young House Love blog has done some really in depth posts on this topic. Good luck!

Hilary Lemon said...

I changed cloth diapers for 30 baby bums for four months when I worked in an orphanage in Ecuador one summer. That really put me off cloth diapers. But I totally applaud your determination and I think one baby bum has to be more manageable than 30. :)

I also think we diaper kids too long, too. I'm meeting more and more parents who are taking their kids off diapers sooner. Heck, some cultures of the world never use diapers, and the kiddos just potty train early! Less hassle for the parents, if you ask me. ;)

Unknown said...

I do not believe the issue with cloth diapers is the task itself (if it were an issue of cleaning excrement, nobody would have pets). Rather I believe the issue is closely related to the overwhelming task after such a MAJOR BODY and life changing experience that is childbirth.
I applaud you for taking a class and preparing your mind for what it means to use cloth diapers, as it is truly rewarding environmentally and economically if you choose to do so. Motherhood is the BEST and hardest job you will ever have, which is why for some, cloth diapers are simply not worth the effort and time that could be used getting much needed rest during your baby's infant stage and your body's recovery stage.
If I could go back, I would surely use cloth diapers once the lovely chaos of early infancy came to a close. I'm sure whatever you and your hubby decide, you will still be great parents nonetheless!

Monique said...

We tossed the cloth diaper idea around, but ultimately decided it wasn't for us. We were fortunate that my mother in law threw a diaper shower for us. Thank heavens that will save us from the unbelievable diaper cost for a couple months. Let me know how it goes, though! I am really curious.

susanne @ tall pine nest said...

I'm planning on it too. My nephew was always cloth diapered, and I find it to be much nicer. I always lean toward whatever feels more natural, and putting weird plastic things with expanding and absorbing powdery stuff? Weird. Sure, it's convenient. But all that trash! and money!

lindsey said...

Hi, Hello! Okay a few things:

1. Aubry (Tucker) Jensen is my sister, hence how I found your blog. But also, my husband and I met Rebecca when we attended Athens 2nd ward for a month of so when we first moved into Athens this past August. So although I don't know you directly, sometim

2. Although we don't have a baby on the way, we too hope to attempt the cloth diapers. I would love to know your thoughts once you get going, and also your thoughts of Natural Baby.

3. Which brings me here: my husband and I live in Chase Park Warehouse! I pass the Natural Baby almost daily and since it's by appointment only (and I have no reason to make one), I'm happy to see the inside of their space, so thanks for the photos. Don't you love Chase Park?

Jessica Holly said...

I love the new re-design!

For the Love of French said...

Just for the record, my daughter is 9 months old on tuesday and we have spent perhaps a total of $200 in diapers and wipes since birth. Perhaps we had a good turn out with diapers as shower gifts, and finding good deals for people who are selling diapers that were outgrown before used, but it was a good deal.

I am not against cloth diapers, we just went for the disposable and it hasn't killed us financially yet.

Casey Bahr said...

Have you heard about G Diapers? A few of my friends use them and they LOVE them. One of the great options about G-diapers, is that you can either use plain up cloth diapers, or still have the cloth diaper shell, and a flushable liner if you decide not to go the traditional route. It might not be a bad idea to look into them as well!

Here's the website:


Lights+Camera+Love said...

Never thought about this before. Might have to try this ourselves. Please let us know how it goes. Good Luck!!

Rachael said...

Love the 'Natural Baby' store! I don't have a baby myself, but I love anything natural and organic!
Love the cloth diapers that you're going to do! I think it's great. I'm a Nanny, and I watch a one year old, and I can't tell you how many diapers I go through. If only I could use cloth diapers too!

sug said...

one word: bumgenius. oh and another: ebay.

Lemme said...

I don't know you, but someone pinned a blog post of yours in pinterest, so it lead me to blog stalk you. I have an 11 month old and we've cloth diapered her since day one and it's amazing! we have a mixture of pockets, prefolds with covers and fitteds. the cheapest pockets I've seen are Sunbaby diapers and they're pretty effective. I have also taught myself to make them and now I prefer my homemade pocket diapers. Some websites to check out: kellyscloset.com

It makes me soooo happy to see someone who cares about the environment enough to scrub out a poopy diaper in the toilet. We have a shower head that's removable and since our shower is next to the toilet, we just use that. and, in all honesty, it's only a few extra loads of laundry a week.

Good luck!

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