indian style

I guess one of the pros of having a breech babe are all of the extra ultrasounds you get to have.  I could never get tired of watching EJ do her thang in there.  Today she was just relaxing indian style with her bum down and her little baby hands up by her face.  We are still on a quest to turn this child.  I have been trying everything in the book.  
Want my list,my extremely effective list?
Although maybe I'm not one to be taking advice from...

round ligament massage
inversions (not too many of these, they make my head hurt...bad)
Webster adjustments (I go for round 3 this week)
cold stuff on baby's head
lots and lots of prayers and blessings
playing music near the exit...if you get my drift
a little bit of homemade acupressure (mr murphy squeezes my pinky toes and that is supposed to do something)
stretching and moving on my birthing ball to open up my hips more

What ever will be will be.  At least we know we have tried and tried.
Every day that passes is a day closer to us meeting our daughter.  And really that is all that matters. That idea keeps me going.  We are so excited.


christine donee said...

but gosh.. at least you look so darn cute!

Natalie said...

you are one cute momma to be :)

Haley said...

i agree with christine! and i adore your leopard skirt :)

and reading all those methods was fascinating! especially the music one...maybe she's heads up cause she likes to be close to your beautiful voice!! :) Prayers that EJ will rotate, but if not, whatever way she gets into your arms I hope you're both safe and healthy :)

Kieren said...

You are amazing and so optimistic! You're getting so close! :)

Cam E. O. said...

someone once told me to do a heating pad at the exit with my legs on a bed and my back laying on the floor. I've also heard of crawling around like what this future toddler will do. They technically have up until show time to do it right! Good luck!

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