road trips, martinelli's on my pants, and belly touching

We had a lovely New Years Eve.  
John, 4 of our friends, and I decided to take a spontaneous road trip to South Carolina to acquire some illegal fireworks.
You know...the dirty and exciting kind that leave the ground.
We drove squished in my moms car and listened to Ultimate Dance Party 1997, Ludacris, and old school Britney Spears.

When we got back we spent the rest of the evening having a jam sesh and a bon fire and shooting off enourmous amounts of roman candles, black cats, mighty thor's, mother gooses, and fireworks.  
Several minutes after midnight I spilled my Martinelli's on a very ironic place on my pants.  It looked like my water just went and broke.  
I didn't even move or care, towards the end of the night my bod felt like I had ridden a horse all the way to SC and back by my self to get the new years fireworks.  
I'm starting to feel pretty uncomfortable now which I don't mind so much considering things have been beautifully easy thus far.  Hubs and I purchased a birthing ball yesterday (which really is just a big bouncy exercise ball but I feel cooler and more productive calling it a birthing ball.)  I spent at least 3 hours on it today stretching and moving.  It is the best my body has felt in months.  I'm hoping that that combined with my Webster adjustment from this weekend that my cousin Brian suggested will help EJ to turn.  
The night ended with some serious belly rubbing and I didn't mind it at all.
Free rubs for anyone who'd like them...just consider me your lucky Buddha for 2012.


Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so fun and uplifting!

Happy New Years :)

Jessica Holly said...

That is AWESOME. Yay for illegal fireworks!

Kendra said...

You had a much more eventful evening than I. Happy new year!

B said...

Your New Years Sounds awesome and your baby bump? Pretty darn cute. I'm holding out hope that little EJ will turn herself around!


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

fireworks for new years sounds awesome. too cold here! hope your babe cooperates.

Rachael said...

That looks like a fun time you guys had!
Glad you're liking that bouncing ball! It is pretty fun.
Happy New year to you guys!

April Rowell said...

Good 'ole 1997! I must say that was a good year for music :) Sounds like you all had a great time.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

happy new year! illegal fireworks are probably way more fun than if they were legal, you know? and that belly! it's so stinkin cute. hope baby decides to turn around for you soon!

Kieren said...

Loved my birth ball! I sat on it at work for the last month of my pregnancy. Oh how I miss lugging it and my overdue belly up and down a skyscraper every day! I also did one Webster session at 39 weeks when I thought my baby was posterior. It's kinda strange, huh? I hope it helps!

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