3 lovely things

1. My sleeping babe with exposed midriff. (not in a cloth diaper GASP! it was laundry day...)

2. A delicious snack of fresh strawberries, sour cream, and brown sugar.

3. A walk with Miss Evaleigh and bright red kisses.

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an announcement!

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forget me not

Yesterday was my first day back to church since Evaleigh was born.  
I missed it and she loved it.  
I didn't want to chance it getting there late and miss taking the sacrament, so I got myself ready and put my sleeping newborn in the car at 8:30.  
We got there at 8:40 and I changed her, dressed her, and fed her in the nursing mothers room and we were in our seats by 9:00!
The moment the music started for the service her whole body relaxed and she started smiling.  In 10 minutes she was asleep and slept the whole time.  I was so grateful!

When we came home from church, mom and I took a walk.  It was a peaceful walk and the sun was beautiful on the trees.  On the way back I saw little purple Forget-me-not flowers on the side of the road and they reminded me of this:  (it is something every woman should read or watch at least once a month!  it makes me so happy!)

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another baby!!!!

If not, go now.  It will make you smile...or cry...or laugh...most likely laugh because I am sporting the ugly cry.

Well finally at 28 weeks this girl has a baby bump.  It took a while for that thing to get on out there but now its the cutest bump around!  She has the most ACTIVE little boy in there. I love him so much already and can't wait to have another little baby around.

I told her she has the pregnancy glow. 

She said, "No, its just the toaster effect on Instagram..."

No pretty sister, you've got your glow on.  

Now give me a nephew.


there is nothing hotter...

than a man in a Baby Bjorn.  

Then add a stache in to the mix...and you get this.  Emm emm emm.

Yesterday we finally discovered the magic that is the Baby Bjorn. It may be the most valuable hand-me-down we received, ever.  (Thanks Brit!)  
When John got home and I told him about those special powers of the Bjorn he said, "We need to write them a thank you note."  Its true, we should.
Baby Bjorn + Brit = lifesavers

I had tried my beautiful Sienna Moby Wrap with EJ and she. was. not. having. it.  
I just can't quite figure it out yet.  I'm not sure if its because she was breech the whole time I was pregnant with her but this little girl loves to be upright.  I'm going to pull the Moby back out in another month or so, maybe she'll change her tune about it by then.

She took two 3 hours naps in that thing yesterday and I've never been more productive.  I did 3 loads of laundry, and ACTUALLY put them up.  I stuffed and prepared all of Ev's diapers for the day.  I also cleaned the nursery, our bedroom, and the living room in preparation for Ev's first playdate with little Annie.  Sadly, we did not get a picture of the girls together.  Natalie brought us delicious vegan scones from Dulce Vegan Bakery in Decatur, the chocolate lavender scone was to die for!  Thanks for a fun day Natalie!  Go to their facebook page and look through their food and try not to drool.  That chocolate pear pie...I have to get out there.

I can foresee this Bjorn becoming part of our routine.  I found myself wearing it with Ev this morning at 6am in my skivvies bouncing on the bouncy ball in the nursery when she couldn't sleep.  
I was desperate and it worked like a charm.  The things we do for our children...

Have a lovely weekend hopefully filled with scones and pie!


my husband made me cry

Two nights ago I came home from a day date with my sister and EJ in Athens.  When I entered our bedroom Mr. Murphy was snuggled beneath our covers and this was laying on my side of the bed.  I didn't see what it was at first and then when I realized I burst in to tears.

He said it was my Valentine's Day gift but it came late because he didn't know that it was being handmade in Isreal.

I amend what I said about jewelry here.  This necklace means so much.  Mmmmm...I just love him so much.  He is the most perfect gift giver.  Now, I can keep our baby close to my heart no matter where I am.  
Aaaaaannnd he's funny. 

Last night:

J: April 4th, put it on your calandar.
Me: Why?
J: Titanic in 3d.
Me: "Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo"  (Titanic theme song, of course)
J: Most recognizable theme song.  Oh, do you want something else for dessert?
Me:  Titanic on VHS?
J: Ew, thats like 4 tapes or something.

Really dessert was banana pudding snack packs.  Better than Titanic on VHS?  Not sure.  Better than Titanic in 3d?  No way.

I love that he can make me cry and laugh.

Enough mush?  Ok, I'll stop.  Have a great Thursday.


bottom line

We have officially started cloth diapering.  I am so excited to see this little bubble butt around here more often.  
I mean check her out...baby got back.

The jury is still out on:

Kissa's Newborn All-In-One Diaper by Kissaluvs
Kissaluvs Marvels One Size AIO
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Small Pocket Diaper
Flipz Pocket Diaper
Thirsties Covers with Pre-folds
Thirsties Fab Fitter Duo with a cover
Thirsties Pocket Diaper

Here is what I've learned so far:

-FuzziBunz materials feel oh-so-good.
-Pre-folds are complicated.  I got peed on last night.  Looks like momma still has some learning to do.
-Pre-folds take a longer time to dry than expected.
-Wet bags are a must.
-Kissa's Newborn diaper does not absorb the poop like Fuzzi or Thirsties
-Snappi's look scary and feel scary but are wonderful.  You can pull them tighter than you think.
-I'm still trying to get the hang of flannel wipes, more on that later.
-All-in-one, fitteds, and pockets are proving to be easier than pre-folds, but I'm told the pre-fold thing takes a lot of patience and practice.  I'm still working on it.

EJ is seeming to love them a lot more than sposies, yay!


the day we gained new names- part 2


Soon after I got back in to the room the anesthesiologist came in with an army of people behind her.  (Truly it was probably only 2 more people but when your 'lady business' is out there and you are slightly in zee nude, any more than 1 feels like an army.)  I wish I could remember that woman's name because she was so gentle and made the entire process a whole lot less scary than what I had anticipated.  I don't know why people like to regale horror birth stories to you when you are pregnant, but I had heard some of the worst about c section births and epidurals. 

My experience was the complete opposite.

My angel anesthesiologist talked me through every single thing she was doing.  She put a local anesthetic on my lower back while she inserted in the epidural needle in to my spine.  Honestly it wasn't painful in the slightest.  There was only the smallest pinch, getting the IV was much worse than the epidural.  Then she began to put the medicine in to the epidural and told me I would experience some mild cramping in my hips as it went in.  I had none.  There was maybe a bit of tightening but I wouldn't have characterized it as cramping.  The whole time I was breathing in and out as deeply as I could.  It helped.
John held my hand through the whole process.  His big hand enveloped mine and I squeezed it as hard as I could just so I could feel closer to him in the last moments before our lives would change forever.  I felt so peaceful with him by my side.  At that moment they could have done anything to me and I wouldn't have cared.  Evaleigh and John were the only things on my mind.  The anticipation of KNOWING we would meet our daughter in a matter of minutes was heaven.  

After they finished with everything they rolled me back on to my side.  At that point the numbness was trickling down my legs.  All of the sudden things felt heavy.  A man came to me with a cold ice pack and put it against my arm.  "Do you feel how cold that is?  I'm going to start down near your pelvis and move the cold upwards and I want you to tell me when you can feel the cold again."  It was a fun game, but not a game I would ever cheat at.  The very moment I felt the slightest cold, I made it known.  He would come back every few minutes and we would play that game again.  While I was waiting to numb up I remember the nurse telling John a couple times, "Mr. Murphy you don't have to put on your OR clothes yet."  I think he was nervous about when to put them on, it was pretty darn cute. When I couldn't even tell the man was touching me with the ice pack anymore, it was time to go to the operating room.  They wheeled me out of pre-op and down the mile long hallway.  The hallway lights above me were passing so fast.

We arrived at the operating room and my heart felt so warm.  I felt like I was almost in a dream-like state because of how happy I was about what was about to happen.  There were over a dozen people in the room buzzing about shouting orders.  There were so many things happening all at once it was hard to keep up.  They transferred me on to the operating table by some sort of blow up mattress thing, I actually enjoyed the ride.  A big black guy said in a happy booming voice, "Girl, looks like you enjoyed that ride.  Its nice to see someone happy about this for once.  Looks like your baby is going to have a nice smile too!"  I felt pumped.  All I could think was, "LET'S DO THIS!!!"  John came in to the room in his blue OR clothes and they put the sheet up in front of my face so I couldn't see anything.  Time felt like it was passing so quickly.

John took my hand and I said to Dr. Sun, whom I LOVE, "Tell me when you start!"  She replied, "We actually started about two minutes ago."  That was a shocking moment.  I looked up at the nurse standing above me.  He had his hands on my shoulders and was looking over the sheet and then I noticed....the reflection in his glasses.  I could see my doctor cutting my body open!  I had a very quick internal battle, to watch or not to watch.  When red was mostly what I saw, my sissy self won.  I looked over at my sweet John who was looking back and forth between me and where our baby would be born.  

His beautiful brown eyes were such a comfort to me.  He whispered to me, "You're doing great!"  Little did I know he was watching the nurses play tug of war with the sides of my stomach to get EJ out.  He said the moment they cut my uterus open both of her little feet popped out right away.  There was no doubt about it, she was a breech baby.

I heard the nurses mumbling something about who was going to sing soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.  I thought maybe it was the anesthesia talking.  Then the most glorious thing happened, Dr. Sun said, 

"Somebody call it!"  


"Uh one-two-three...Happy Birthday to you...."

The whole hospital staff surrounded me and Evaleigh and began a beautifully sung rendition of "Happy Birthday" mingled with cries of my newborn baby.  She came in to the world surrounded by singing, it was so fitting.  Her tiny cry was the most heavenly thing I had ever heard.  I felt connected to her immediately.  I couldn't see her but I could hear her, and in that moment, it was enough.  

I got to meet her voice.  

I savored every particle of sound that was coming out of her. Tears were running down my cheeks and all I could do was close my eyes and take in that most sacred moment.  John was talking me through what they were doing, he did not leave my side.  He was clenching my hand while standing up and watching everything they were doing to our little girl.  It felt like only moments and then they brought her over to us and John held her for the first time.  He brought her down close to me.

Then I got to meet her body.

It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced.  I lay there completely aware of only her.  It was a face that I had never imagined and then I knew why I had never dreamed of her while I was pregnant. I could have never imagined a face so perfect and lovely.  It was such an overwhelming and indescribable feeling to look in to the face of some one who was half of me and half of John.  I got to put my hands on her and tell her how much I loved her and how beautiful she was.  She wasn't crying anymore.  She was so alert and I could tell she was loving her firsts moments of life.  I wanted to know what she was thinking and how she felt.

They finished sewing and stapling me back up and then they moved us to a recovery room.  There they gave EJ her first bath and then they put her tiny naked body on to my skin.  I held her so carefully and smelled her delicious skin.  She felt so soft and her movements felt familiar.  The nurses left and I was able to try and nurse her for the first time.

John and I were glued to her and we talked about our feelings and how much we loved her.  Those were powerful moments as it was the first time with just the 3 of us all alone.  I loved it.  The room felt holy,  you could feel that it was a place in which new life entered in to quite often.  All around us we could hear cries of other new babies who had just been brought in to the world.  It was our haven where we could be quiet and take in every bit of her.

After some time passed we were able to go to our hospital room and family came up to meet her.  I was so proud to introduce her to my family and to watch John's protective nature kick in.  We spent 4 days there recovering, healing, and learning about our new baby girl.  

From that day on we gained the new and honorable names of mother and father.

We love our new names.


art is...

A friend of mine contacted me about a genuinely inspiring project.  It is a project that her brother is involved in called Victus Creus.  
There should be more things like this in the world.

They are asking people to share what art is to them. 
Here is what art is to us:

Here is a little more about Victus Creus and their mission:

'We accept art submissions from anybody who wants to contribute, that means you! We have a space where you can submit a scanned in copy of your piece along with a written statement of what the piece means to you, how it empowers you, etc. and your name (contact info if you’d like) and we’ll post it up for sale once it gets ten votes. Thus creating exposure for you, and creating a network of creativity that this whole community can benefit from. And the beauty part is that you can do this at any age or skill level! We want to help you on your path to a creative and empowering lifestyle!

Every piece comes with information about the artist. That means whether it was created by you or one of our other contributing artists, every piece (t shirts, hats, prints, that’s right, all of them) will come with a card like one you might see next to a painting in a gallery. These cards all contain written statements by the artist about what went through their head when they did the piece, why they did it, how it empowered them, etc. The cards will also come with contact info if you wish to include it. It is optional but we strongly recommend that you at least give a facebook page or email that people who buy your art from our website can reach you at. We want people to know that all of our contributing artists are important to us, and we want to support contributors in any way we can. Word of mouth advertising is important, so the more that people know about where their art pieces come from, the more support the artist gets. 

Above and beyond any reason we do what we do is that we just simply love to do it. Creativity is our lifestyle, our passion and our way of being contributing members of society. This is our way of being the positive and empowering change that we wish to see"

You can post a picture of what art is to you on their facebook page or you can send the picture to them at artis@victuscreus.com

I was actually supposed to post about this last week in time to share her awesome giveaway but I dropped the ball. Forgive me Kynslie?

I'd love to see what Art is... to you.  
If you participate, send me a link, I'd love to see where this beautiful project goes! 


a guest post : our little almanac

Dear Readers, meet this lovely lady and her babe.  Her name is Kendra and she is one of my new favorites.  I hope you all had wonderful Valentine's Day.


Would it alarm you, Tunes and Spoons readers, if I started off by saying that I am a "wild thing?" I'm sure most of you grew up reading the tale of Max who ventured far off to the land of the wild things where when he was about to leave their world they screamed "Don't go! I'll eat you up, I love you so!" I used to find that disturbing as a child but as I've grown older I find that rather endearing. Odd, I know. But I actually have this habit of mine that when something is so good and I can hardly stand it, my jaw locks so tight and I grit my teeth because my body seriously can not contain the excitement. But rather than eat that person/place/thing I'd most likely either like to kiss it or cry because I love it so much {unless it's an ice cream sundae. In that case I would rather eat it up because I love it so!}

Seeing that yesterday was Valentine's Day, thinking about the things I love is still on the surface of my heart. There is so much passion I have built up in chest that I'd thought I'd share with you some of the things I'm WILD about in no particular order:

+ Marriage. I love, love, love the bond and strength that forms between the unity of a man and a woman. I love it in my marriage and I love seeing love in the marriage of others. To me, there's nothing better!

+ baby smiles & cuddles. My first baby just turned one 2 weeks ago. I never knew how quickly my eyes could turn into faucets until my sweet Evelyn nestled her tiny body into my chest for the first time. And here we are a year later and my eyes still leak with every little embrace, especially now as cuddles are not her thing anymore, that busy body gal!

+ motherhood. I am WILD about this one. There is no quicker way to learn about yourself than to become a mother. You learn of your strength as a woman - physical and emotional, you learn of sacrifice, of patience, of charity and compassion, you learn of humility, perseverance. I have never been a stronger woman and I respect myself and all the women in the world one hundred fold for the great duty it is to bear and rear children.

+ I'm WILD about anything with cheese. Macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, cottage cheese, mozzarella sticks - you name it!

+ travel. I LOVE seeing the world and all that humanity has to offer. It is so breathtaking to leave your known culture and arrive in another. It just does something to a person, ya know what I mean?

+ I am so grateful for the wonderful genius who decided to first dip an apple into caramel and then roll it in nuts, drizzled with chocolate {most notably, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory}

+ I'm WILD about blogging. I love it. I find it so therapeutic. I love blogging about my little daily adventures and triumps that would otherwise go unnoticed and forgotten, but here in our little almanac they live forever. I like that. 

What is it that you are WILDLY in love with? I hope you'll pop on over here and spill your heart out :)


Thanks Kendra, I'm over here today talking about some love of my own!  



a cough and a toot.

At the end of this week our beauty will be one month old.  I literally CANNOT believe it.  Here are some clips of the first month of her little life.  And yes, that is a toot at the end, I'm a proud momma.

Dear Time,
Please slow down.
The Murphy Family

(music: little sack of sugar by elizabeth mitchell)


12 pictures of the babe

1. Some quiet time in the nursery with my babe
2. EJ pretending to be a lion
3. Polka dots and yellow bows
4. Snuggles after eating early in the morning
5. Post-op doc appointment, struggling with our stroller...wide load in the back folks
6. Milk happy
7. Oh! Those lips...
8. The happiest Auntie around
9. Cookies from Courtroom Connect, thanks guys!
11. Dove...that's just cruel.  At least Ev can follow your advice.
12. And one more just because...

I can't stop taking pictures of this little girl.  I love her so.



I swear I'll make good on my promise of birth story part deux.  It has been a really busy week.

eat sleep poop eat sleep poop GO TO THE DOCTOR eat sleep poop poop some more eat eat eat eat eat eat sleep poop change 100 diapers SING JE VEUX VIVRE TO EVALEIGH WHILE SITTING ON THE TOILET (she loved it by the way) eat sleep HAVE A COMMUNITY MARATHON WITH MY HUSBAND AND EAT JUNK poop change diapers stare at my baby sleeping WATCH THE BACHELOR eat sleep poop READ COMMENTARY ON THE BACHELOR eat sleep poop change diapers MAKE HEADBANDS FOR EJ change diapers do some laundry  dont fold laundry CONTEMPLATE VALENTINES DAY GIFTS FOR JOHN eat eat eat poop diapers eat eat sleep pump READ FIRST PRESIDENCY MESSAGE TO EJ BEFORE BEDTIME change diapers watch ev smile

i love our life. really truly i do.

have a lovely weekend!


the day we gained new names- part 1

I'm not really sure how to begin this story of the most sacred day of our lives.  In fact I have tried to write it several times and have had trouble trying to get it out.  I'm positive that these simple words will not give that day the honor that it surely deserves, however I am going to attempt to recount that beautiful day before the precious details slip my mind.  The mere thought of the feelings and emotions that were present then make me cry.


Evaleigh had a mind of her own from the beginning.  I struggled quite a bit with the idea of having to deliver c-section due to Ev's breech presentation.  After much prayer and thought John and I decided that it was the best decision to try all that we could naturally to get her to turn.  We thought that if she made the turn on her own then we would proceed with our planned natural birth but if not, we would make what we believed to be the safest decision for our child and have the recommended scheduled Cesarean section birth.  
Our prayers changed from "Please help Evaleigh to turn so we can have a natural birth" to "Please keep her safe and let her be in whatever position is best for her."  Days would pass and still no change.  I began to prepare for my birth experience in a very different way than I had imagine my whole life.  It was difficult and not without many many tears and heartache.  After countless supportive and encouraging emails, messages, phone calls, and shared personal experiences from friends, I began to feel hope.  I felt hope that our birthing experience, come what may, would be nothing less because it was not a natural birth.

Monday night, the night before our scheduled c section, my sister and her husband came over and we all played cards until about midnight.  No big deal, we were just going to stay up late because its not like we were having a baby in the morning or anything.  We really enjoyed our last baby-free night.  I fully aniticipated to sleep horribly, much like Christmas Eve when you wake up at 3am and realize you have to go back to sleep and then again at 5 and 6:30 and then you can finally get out of bed at 8.  
I slept solid until 8am.  It was such a blessing.
My mother fixed everyone breakfast and I was forced to smell delicious bacon and bread and not eat anything because of the surgery.
I showered and everything was so surreal. We got everything ready and packed the car.  When John and I drove out of the driveway we held hands and and I said, "Next time we are on this driveway we will be 3."  We listened to soothing classical piano music the whole way there.  It was such a surreal drive.  We had driven those roads and highways hundreds and hundreds of times and this time felt the same, familiar and right.  The roads were leading us to our daughter.  We got to the hospital and left all of our things in the car.  It felt weird walking into the hospital with nothing but a purse on my shoulder, I felt like I needed more than that to accomplish this huge feat that was ahead of me.  But all I really needed was my body, my strong and capable body that had courageously held this beautiful baby for nearly 10 months. 
We checked in at the front desk and the excitement was bubbling up inside of me.  I sat there holding the hand of the man I made this child with; it felt perfect and whole and right.  My mother and sister arrived shortly after us and the nurses took me back to my pre-op room.  I swear the walk there was a mile or more.  Once we got inside I changed in to my hospital gown.  

I recieved my IV and they drew some blood.  John took care of everything, reading all of the necessary papers and then he would just have me sign.  Every little task was taking us one step closer to meeting our daughter, that precious tiny thing we had made together.
After all of my prep work was done my family was allowed to come in.  My father came in parading the most embarrassingly large pink unicorn (of which has since gained the name Feathers) and a beautiful bouquet of delicate pink roses.  I don't know if I have ever seen his face so happy.
My husband, my mother, my father, and my sister were all gathered around me.  I was surrounded by the people that I love the most and that love me the most and inside me was a new person that we would all love even more together.  I felt secure and confident.  I felt supported and protected.  The moments were passed with exchanges of. "I can't believe this moment is really here!" and "I'm so excited!" phrases.  It was all so blissful.  The nurse came in and said, "Ok mom, 15 minutes til!"  My heart lept!  We would be meeting our daughter in a matter of minutes.  I had one more thing I wanted to do...try and use the bathroom.
I rolled my IV in to the bathroom with me and sat down and had a quiet moment to myself.  I said a prayer and told Evaleigh how excited I was to meet her.  It was as if that moment froze.  It was our last moment together just the two of us while I still had her all to my self.  It was a sacred moment to me.  I told her that she was about to come in to the big world and I promised her then and there that I would do all I could to protect her and be the best mother I could.  I rubbed my belly, took one last glance at my pregnant self in the mirror, and then went back to my room to receive my epidural.  
We were going to have a baby.
It was go time.

part 2 here



Dearest readers and friends,

We cannot thank each of you enough for reading and keeping up with this here silly little blog.  We have been utterly amazed at the outpouring of love and joy that has come from sharing bits our lives with you all.  Thank you for your sincere comments and encouraging words, they mean quite a bit to us and we appreciate every single one.

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Happy Friday!


in the still of the night

I love night time.  I've always been a night owl but its different now.  John and I used to have a bed time of 1 or 2 am, now we meet those hours with squinted eyes and tipping toes.  By the dim glow of the night-light these hours are now considered "waking up in the middle of the night".

I love coming out of the fog of slumber and hearing Evaleigh's little grunts, I know she is slowly coming out of sleep too.  One of us will scoop her tiny warm body up in to our arms, change her diaper, and then some of the sweetest moments happen.
I take her to the blue chair in the nursery and we get to reconnect for a moment.  I love feeding her and being just the thing that she needs.  Sometimes we lock stares and in those moments my vision and soul is a tunnel straight to her and nothing else matters.  When she is finished eating sometimes she will reward me with a beautiful tiny grin.  Soft singing and hums by me or her father lull her back to dreaming.  The night is quiet and still and that room becomes a holy and sacred place.
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