another baby!!!!

If not, go now.  It will make you smile...or cry...or laugh...most likely laugh because I am sporting the ugly cry.

Well finally at 28 weeks this girl has a baby bump.  It took a while for that thing to get on out there but now its the cutest bump around!  She has the most ACTIVE little boy in there. I love him so much already and can't wait to have another little baby around.

I told her she has the pregnancy glow. 

She said, "No, its just the toaster effect on Instagram..."

No pretty sister, you've got your glow on.  

Now give me a nephew.


amy D said...

ok, yeah, that definitely made me tear up!! how awesome! your sister looks fabulous :)

Sarah said...

AWWWW!! Love the announcement pictures & captions!! She has the cutest little baby bump!!!! :)

God bless,


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