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A friend of mine contacted me about a genuinely inspiring project.  It is a project that her brother is involved in called Victus Creus.  
There should be more things like this in the world.

They are asking people to share what art is to them. 
Here is what art is to us:

Here is a little more about Victus Creus and their mission:

'We accept art submissions from anybody who wants to contribute, that means you! We have a space where you can submit a scanned in copy of your piece along with a written statement of what the piece means to you, how it empowers you, etc. and your name (contact info if you’d like) and we’ll post it up for sale once it gets ten votes. Thus creating exposure for you, and creating a network of creativity that this whole community can benefit from. And the beauty part is that you can do this at any age or skill level! We want to help you on your path to a creative and empowering lifestyle!

Every piece comes with information about the artist. That means whether it was created by you or one of our other contributing artists, every piece (t shirts, hats, prints, that’s right, all of them) will come with a card like one you might see next to a painting in a gallery. These cards all contain written statements by the artist about what went through their head when they did the piece, why they did it, how it empowered them, etc. The cards will also come with contact info if you wish to include it. It is optional but we strongly recommend that you at least give a facebook page or email that people who buy your art from our website can reach you at. We want people to know that all of our contributing artists are important to us, and we want to support contributors in any way we can. Word of mouth advertising is important, so the more that people know about where their art pieces come from, the more support the artist gets. 

Above and beyond any reason we do what we do is that we just simply love to do it. Creativity is our lifestyle, our passion and our way of being contributing members of society. This is our way of being the positive and empowering change that we wish to see"

You can post a picture of what art is to you on their facebook page or you can send the picture to them at artis@victuscreus.com

I was actually supposed to post about this last week in time to share her awesome giveaway but I dropped the ball. Forgive me Kynslie?

I'd love to see what Art is... to you.  
If you participate, send me a link, I'd love to see where this beautiful project goes! 


Christi Lynn said...

this is awesome! im not so good at art...but my brother is. im going to send him the link!

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