I swear I'll make good on my promise of birth story part deux.  It has been a really busy week.

eat sleep poop eat sleep poop GO TO THE DOCTOR eat sleep poop poop some more eat eat eat eat eat eat sleep poop change 100 diapers SING JE VEUX VIVRE TO EVALEIGH WHILE SITTING ON THE TOILET (she loved it by the way) eat sleep HAVE A COMMUNITY MARATHON WITH MY HUSBAND AND EAT JUNK poop change diapers stare at my baby sleeping WATCH THE BACHELOR eat sleep poop READ COMMENTARY ON THE BACHELOR eat sleep poop change diapers MAKE HEADBANDS FOR EJ change diapers do some laundry  dont fold laundry CONTEMPLATE VALENTINES DAY GIFTS FOR JOHN eat eat eat poop diapers eat eat sleep pump READ FIRST PRESIDENCY MESSAGE TO EJ BEFORE BEDTIME change diapers watch ev smile

i love our life. really truly i do.

have a lovely weekend!


ConnieB said...

you are freakin stunning! Had to be said.

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