forget me not

Yesterday was my first day back to church since Evaleigh was born.  
I missed it and she loved it.  
I didn't want to chance it getting there late and miss taking the sacrament, so I got myself ready and put my sleeping newborn in the car at 8:30.  
We got there at 8:40 and I changed her, dressed her, and fed her in the nursing mothers room and we were in our seats by 9:00!
The moment the music started for the service her whole body relaxed and she started smiling.  In 10 minutes she was asleep and slept the whole time.  I was so grateful!

When we came home from church, mom and I took a walk.  It was a peaceful walk and the sun was beautiful on the trees.  On the way back I saw little purple Forget-me-not flowers on the side of the road and they reminded me of this:  (it is something every woman should read or watch at least once a month!  it makes me so happy!)

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Blogger Rebekah McLain said...

I am following Christi's Blog now
February 21, 2012 10:25 AM

Congrats Rebekah!!!!  Get in touch with Christi at christi.brazee@gmail.com for your prize!

p.s.  I have some really exciting news to announce tomorrow so stay TUNED!!!


Natasha Louise Taylor said...

I really need that today Thanks!! Love that talk so much!.. p.s you are super cute, I'm glad you had a great first day at church for your cute cute baby :)

Jessica Holly said...

I love that talk!!!

Kell said...

Cute! Your little one is adorable.

Nena said...

My weekend was not a good one, and today felt unbearable, more than just the annoyance of being a monday, watching this has helped me in ways you can't even imagine... Thank you so much for this little reminder! ... and you are just an adorable mom


F as in Frank said...

Her cuteness made me squeal!

Unknown said...

adorable post, she is so adorable!!


Unknown said...

Oh! Your little lovey is here!! :) Congrats.

It felt so wonderful to get back to church after Moo arrived as well. She slept through it all. Now at 10 months she is alllll over the place, so enjoy it! Haha.


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