my husband made me cry

Two nights ago I came home from a day date with my sister and EJ in Athens.  When I entered our bedroom Mr. Murphy was snuggled beneath our covers and this was laying on my side of the bed.  I didn't see what it was at first and then when I realized I burst in to tears.

He said it was my Valentine's Day gift but it came late because he didn't know that it was being handmade in Isreal.

I amend what I said about jewelry here.  This necklace means so much.  Mmmmm...I just love him so much.  He is the most perfect gift giver.  Now, I can keep our baby close to my heart no matter where I am.  
Aaaaaannnd he's funny. 

Last night:

J: April 4th, put it on your calandar.
Me: Why?
J: Titanic in 3d.
Me: "Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo"  (Titanic theme song, of course)
J: Most recognizable theme song.  Oh, do you want something else for dessert?
Me:  Titanic on VHS?
J: Ew, thats like 4 tapes or something.

Really dessert was banana pudding snack packs.  Better than Titanic on VHS?  Not sure.  Better than Titanic in 3d?  No way.

I love that he can make me cry and laugh.

Enough mush?  Ok, I'll stop.  Have a great Thursday.


Elisha said...


Christi Lynn said...

how sweet! it's those little things that really matter the most. you are a lucky wife :)

Kell said...

That necklace is beautiful! Also.. Titanic!! I'm so excited for this.

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