her mother

I am somebody's mother.

This little somebody.

Being a mother is the most overwhelmingly incredible sensation.

Tomorrow will be my first Mother's Day.
It is such an honor to bare a life.
I can't explain how it feels to look in to the eyes of my daughter, MY DAUGHTER.
I have a daughter.

I love this picture of her because if you look really closely you can see my reflection in her eyes.  I hope she will always look to me as she does now.  
She needs me and I need her so very much.
How my arms would ache if I ever lost her.
She gives me such purpose and a reason to live my life as good as I can now.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the responsibility that is ahead.  
I have to teach her.
We have to teach her.
How to share, how to be kind, how to have faith, how to respect her body, how to be a lady, and there is so so much more.

It is an honor to be a vessel that carries life in to the world. 
A mother.
Her mother.


Life Abroad said...

I can't even imagine what it must feel like to be a mother, but I bet it's pretty incredible. She has the prettiest eyes!!

La Maman Heureuse said...

What a lovely way to describe motherhood! You sound like an amazing mama of a gorgeous little girl. Her eyes!

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