He's here!!!

Welcome to the world little Parker. I love you so much.

Born to my sister and Joe on May the fourth.

I am so proud of my little sister.  She is a mother to a son.

Meeting him was pretty incredible.  My uterus burst into a tiny million pieces of hearts and flowers while my ovaries were exploding in to chants of "more babies more babies more babies!!!".  
I want more babies...now.

Its so crazy how quickly you forget how tiny they are.  My rotund baby looks preeeety huge next to Mr. Parker.  

Now is when the really fun parts of life start to happen.  I am so looking forward to watching our babies grow together to be friends.


The Michelle Show said...

Congrats to your family! Isnt it crazy how quickly baby fever sets in, when we still have infants?!

Lindsay said...

So cute!!! (PS, I've read your blog for a while but sometimes feel silly commenting...like "hello, I am a blog stalker and love to read your blog".. anyway...)

One of my best friends had a baby at 2:00 this morning. :) I'm going to meet little Avery this afternoon. I can hardly wait! My ovaries are getting excited thinking about it! Ha ha ha...

susanne @ tall pine nest said...

oh my goodness. little cousin friends!! i love it! congratulations, auntie.

Rachel said...

He's gorgeous!Being an aunt is the BEST!

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