mothers day

Yesterday was my first mothers day.
My baby girl gave me a great gift.
I was letting her have some morning nakey time on the bed and she was loving it. Then she gave me a pee spot about the size of a basketball.
Thanks little lady, can't wait for more special mothers days with you! I love you little girl. Being your mother is a true gift. You are awesome and I can't wait to meet who you become.


Jessica Holly said...

Ugh she's so precious! Happy Mother's Day to the sweetest mother around!

susanne @ tall pine nest said...

i dont know about you, but i don't even think twice about the baby pee spots on my sheets... or breastmilk spots, but that's not baby's fault. :)

Rachel said...

You both look beautiful!Happy Mothers Day to you!

kendra @ little almanac said...

You both look radiant. Love her ensemble.

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