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Dear Evaleigh,

You are spending so much of your life outside.  We spend days swaying in the hammock swing outside under the big tree.  Its limbs outstretched protecting us from the blazing noon sun.  Bugs buzz around us and I swat them from your sweet pink skin.  
You change quickly from sitting to standing as you tell me with a tiny grunt you are ready for something new.  You look up in to the dancing leaves and I can gaze in to your sparkling blue eyes.  I feel lucky to witness your discovery.  I know you are taking in the world around you as your head snaps swiftly side to side with your attention to every tiny sound.  
When enough time passes and you've grown weary of your mind grasping our microcosm you cry out and I nurse you in the afternoon breeze.  It gets quiet and there is you and me and our surrounding world of horses, cars racing the pavement in the distance, and vibrant flowers.
As night falls we light citronella candles to ward off the summer mosquitoes.  Grandmommee turns on the lights in the trees and daddy brings his guitar out to join in concert with the night sounds.
The light from the candles hits the leaves closest to us.  It captures the foliage's bright green directly above our heads.  As the light can not reach very far the leave's green darkens the higher in to the tree we look.  It is a most glorious spectrum of night's hues.

You are learning the language of birds, the smell of gardenias, and the feel of night's gentle breeze.

love, mama


Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

Write a book someday, seriously.

Your baby is so beautiful!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

This is such a beautiful post...and her chubby little arms are the sweetest thing ever! :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

cuddling a baby in a hammock. can't think of anything much better!

Jessica Holly said...

mmm take me to the south!

Rachel said...

Isn't Georgia wonderful?!?

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