We live with my mom.

It took me a long time to be ok with that sentence coming out of my mouth.

14 months ago my parents divorced and it was a dark time for me (and them). My selfless husband initiated the idea of moving in to the home in the country with my mother during the healing process so we could be there for her. While I knew it was a divinely inspired idea, it was hard to swallow my adult married girl pride and move back in to the home that I grew up in. The home that I was a kid in, the home I went to high-school in. The home where i wasn't the woman of the house. I felt like I was taking a step back.

I wasn't.

What I have come to realize in the last 14 months is just how much the Lord loves my little family. I've realized that the situation we are in was exactly designed for us and where we are in our lives now. We get to raise our daughter on a beautiful little farm and feel safe at night spread out through a beautiful spacious home instead of a tiny apartment. Evaleigh gets to be very close to my mother. I have come to appreciate even more the bond I share with my mother.

We have been given opportunity.

Opportunity to grow. Opportunity to save. Opportunity to learn. What are we doing with this opportunity?

We will most likely be here a couple more years and I want to know that we have not wasted this chance to save our money and solidify good housekeeping and schedule habits.

This is not limbo, this is life. This is not a waiting period this is where we are now.

This is a great opportunity.


F as in Frank said...

Your outlook is inspirational. I wish I had felt that way when I lived with my in-laws rather than feeling in limbo.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

your outlook is great and it's wonderful that you can help each other as a family.

we are so excited about our adventure to georgia, but also kind of frightened of not having a security blanket of family. regardless, i know that God loves us too and it's exciting to see how that will be shown over the next few months.

McKenzie said...

its so amazing how the Lord can take difficult situations and turn them into growing experiences and wonderful opportunities! i am glad that it has been such a blessing for you:)


Rachel said...

I love this post and your beautiful way of viewing your situation...I need to take a lesson from you.God works in mysterious ways and knows exactly what he's doing!

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