6 months


We have spent 6 months together. You made me a mother, the most wonderful thing in the world. I can't believe how fast this time is going. Its so incredibly bittersweet.

You stand up almost all of the time, you like to do that right on my lap. I have tiny bruises on my thighs from where your little toes have dug in deep and left their mark on my skin.

You sleep in the bed with a-da and I every night...get ready, that's about to change. I think...

Your most happy time is generally right before bedtime, that is when I can always count on some good giggles.

Granmommee gives you baths in the kitchen sink after your rice cereal and you love it.

You are yelling at the top of your lungs and it makes us laugh so much. What are you trying to tell us? You have your mommy's singer lungs that's for sure.

You don't like being on your tummy. I think you might skip the whole crawling thing all together.

You love to take nose dives in to my chest and stay there and nuzzle for a little while.

Last week Nanny taught you how to shake your head, she is the only one who can get you to do it.

You wake me up the morning very sweetly/creepily. I am roused to the sounds of you whispering. 'Ts ch kkkk tssss ssss kkkk'. Sometimes it sounds like you are trying to reach someone on a walkie talkie. I think maybe you are just being nice and giving momma and a-da a few more minutes of sleep while you play quietly by yourself.

When our eyes meet for the first time in the morning the most glorious smile spreads across your whole face and you beam and beam for a very long time.

You love it when I sing to you, it always makes you smile. I'm so happy you love music.

You LOVE LOVE LOVE the outdoors. Your favorite thing to do is swing and look up in to the trees.

Lately you have been swinging from the basement ceiling, we moved the swing there while it is so hot out. You took a nap there yesterday while I taught a voice lesson upstairs and granmommee swung you the whole time.

You touch everything. Everything.

You have two front teeth, and they are precious.

You are such a gift. I can't tell you how many times I have fallen in love with you over and over again. You have my heart, it is yours. (and daddy's!) You are my joy.


The Michelle Show said...

She is such a sweet tiny little girl!

Christi Lynn said...

oh so sweet! what adorable pictures.

~M~ said...

adorable! we had multiple failed attempts at transitioning from cosleeping. then magically around 10 months he started loving his crib. if it doesn't work now just give her some time and enjoy the extra cuddles :)

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