never regret it


I have been holding you in my arms for nearly 6 months now. Some people tell me I hold you too much. "Don't you ever put that baby down?" Nope.

I have never regretted one single day of loving on you and kissing you and bouncing you on my lap. You are only little once and this is it. I have cherished your slobbery kisses and your tiny hands grabbing my hair and pulling half of it out. I love love love when you reach up and touch my face and your fingers squeeze my cheeks and chin. We have stared in to each others eyes for hours and hours and if you were able to add them up it would probably be 2 months solid.

We have our days where the laundry doesn't get folded or put away. But in 10 years all of those tiny clothes will be washed and in a box somewhere and you will be big.

Now you are beginning to reach for everything in sight. Your world is growing beyond my lap and it is bittersweet. Soon I will have to share you with the world and you will be occupied with discovery.

So for now I will revel in your tiny clothes strewn about and won't regret keeping you right on my lap.


Pioneer Mom said...

Very sweet. I am enjoying my littlest one as well,knowing all too well how swiftly these days will be gone. But with 3 older kids, the laundry pile can get a little bigger, the dishes stacked a little higher, but that will all be forgotten when the babies are big. Then what matters will be how much time we spent into the little ones. (By the way, your birth inspired me for the last c section I had. I want to thank you for writing what you did.)I am still getting inspiration here.

amy D said...

this is beautiful. i love the short poem about how babies don't keep...have you ever read it? i forget where i first saw it. anyway, i love my baby snuggles. we have to treasure each moment. they just grow up too fast!!

Meredith said...

Oh, I am so happy to be back to blogging.
She is getting so big & so cute! If I were her mama I wouldn't put her down either! ;)

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