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This weekend my friend Maxine and I threw a bridal shower for our dear friend, the future Mrs. Jenna Zimmerman. I can't get over Maxine's perfect little house in the perfect little spot. It made me so excited for the day that ill get to have a cute home of my own! I enjoyed making this pretty little event happen with her. The shower was so intimate and small. There were six of us ladies (+baby EJ) and we sat around and talked about married advice and stuff got REAL. It was so honest and just about the best chatting and fun I've ever had at a bridal shower. 

We had:
Greek Yougurt Nutella Dip
Pancake Balls from Trader Joes
the yummiest Doughnuts from Sublime Doughnuts in ATL (YES, THERE WAS A MAPLE GLAZED BACON DOUGHNUT!)
Piggies in a blanket
& Pink Lemonade

One of the girls typed up the advice and emailed it out to all of us, here are just a few toned down snippets of the advice. ; )

Let the boys have their toys, they are still just little boys in big bodies.

Don't complain to your parents about your husband. You will forgive them but they won't.

Expect change in your husband. Someone who stayed the same all the time would be boring. Don't be afraid when 10 years down the road you look back and say, "I'm not married to the same person anymore." Change can be a great thing and you will change too.

Learn to stay awake during movies.

Get alone time- both with and without your husband.

Make time with women.

You will get annoyed. It's okay.

Sex. We'll leave at that.

Keep dating after marriage.

Combine bank accounts and talk regularly about finances.

Remember what brought you together.

Both of you pray out loud together every night.

Flash him in the middle of arguments.

Frozen Peas.

Learn to find the humor in everything, it's there.

Try to be the first one to apologize even if you don't think you were in the wrong. You will make up eventually, theres no use in stewing over it longer than you need to.

Be silly.

Marriage is fun.

Don't make the children the center of your universe, just allow them to join it.

Cant wait for your wedding this weekend Jenna, its going to be lovely!  Now I just need to finish all of those fabric Z's for you!

**Drinking chalkboard mason jars made by me with my friends Cricut and some chalkboard paint.**


Roots Out West said...

How adorable is that house?!
Great party and creativeness!

Bethany @happyhomemakerme said...

What a lovely shower! I love all of the decorations you made. It looks just beautiful!

I had to say hi because I've been reading through your posts and catching up. We used to read each other's blogs about 3 years ago, and somehow I lost your url between blog moves and things. Anyway, I found one of your sweet comments on an old, old post of mine, and I thought I'd come back and visit!
It is so much fun to see that we've both had baby girls since then! My Kayleigh is 11 months old (this momma is NOT ready to give up the baby year next month!) and your little Evaleigh is just precious. What a cute, happy little girl!

Anyway, I'm happy for you, and I'm happy to have "found" you again :) I'll be back!

♥ Bethany


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