different eyes

We love this little girl with all our hearts.
Can't wait to show her fall.
Yesterday she woke up ready to play at 5am. I got up with her and we went downstairs as I knew my mother would be getting ready to go to work. She emerged from her outside porch bedroom and we took Evaleigh out on the front porch. We walked out on to the driveway and looked up at the clear dark sky untouched by the sun. EJ had never seen the night sky like that. The moon was still shining so bright and the morning star was right to the east. EJ squirmed to be put down and I set her on the concrete. It was just the 3 of us in our jammies and her diaper. The cool morning air hit us and I knew fall was on its way. We stood there still and quiet for a few minutes.

Im so exited to see fall through different eyes this year.


Meredith said...

this is so precious.
seeing life through someone else's eyes is a completely enriching experience. it makes everything so enjoyable. even the simple things.

Bethany @happyhomemakerme said...

I'm so excited to share fall with our little Kayleigh, too! We had our first rain of the season two days ago. It was a warm rainy day--still 80* or so--and I scooped Kayleigh up and took her outside. We stood and laughed in the grass as huge drops of rain plopped on our faces and Kayleigh toddled around in wonderment. It was so special to get to share that with her!

Evaleigh is so beautiful. She looks like a little doll :) Enjoy every moment with her!

♥ Bethany


susanne @ tall pine nest said...

beautiful babygirl. she's beautiful.

Haley said...

Sounds like the sweetest early morning :) And yes you will love fall even more than usual with your little Evaleigh! And the next few years as well. :) I know Brooks will enjoy and be in awe of the colored leaves even more than last year. It's incredible the way their minds grow and how they observe things differently as they get older. *cheers* to our little ones making life that much sweeter!

Unknown said...

This is sweet. I love how as a parent I get excited for the things to come for my little Meredith. It is amazing to watch them grow and explore new things.
Rachel, I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award. Come to my page to check it out. http://olearyva.blogspot.com

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