today I am 25

Today I turn a quarter of a century.

I will embrace it even though it feels vastly different than any other number I've turned so far.

I am having a day date with my husband and then a night date sans baby. This is a big deal!

I'm a wife, a mom, and I'm 25.
Who's life am I living?
Because I'm certain I'm still climbing Mabel in our backyard in North Carolina, playing waff-woo with my sister, having lunch in the Starlight Cafe with aluminum foil stars on the porch, taking walks with my mom and catching tiny frogs, and singing songs to myself in an old tire swing in the woods.

This life of mine sure is moving right along and it sure is a good life.


Tori Baldridge said...

Happy birthday pretty!

Maria Camila said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope you have an amazing day!

XO, Adropofbliss.blogspot.com

Nena said...

happy birthday!! i turned 25 this summer so totally know how it feels

Robyn said...

you young thing-happy birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday!!! I think it is amazing you have accomplished so much at such a young age. I can't wait to be married and have little ones of my own!

Deveny said...

Happy Birthday! I feel the same - at times I don't feel 25 but looking at how full my life is, it feels pretty great. :)
Hope your man spoils you today!

crissy // mama boss said...

Happy Birthday!

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