I could tell you that the past two weeks have been so hard.  I could tell you that we have been dealing with a lot around here. I could say that I have barely had any time to actually focus on our new house and make it feel like a home because work has been such a burden.  I could tell you we didn't have water for two weeks and we had to bum off of other people's showers and toilets.  I could tell you that the minute the city finally did turn on our water that the valves that go to the laundry upstairs were not turned off and that water spewed out gallons per second flooding our upstairs hallway.  It leaked down in to our living room and dripped on to the floor.  I could tell you that Evaleigh has completely been off of her nap schedule and I am exhausted. I could tell you that John and I have been sick and have felt yucky for the past few days. I could tell you that lately I have felt a little bit like a failure. 


I could tell you that being in our new home feels like we are newlyweds again.  I could tell you that we are giddy with excitement that we have a new place of our own and that we are proud of it even with all of its bumps and bruises and leaks.  I could tell you that I have wonderful jobs and I am so thankful to have work.  I could tell you that since moving back to Atlanta we have gotten to see so much more of the people we love (thanks for letting us use your shower and toilets Dad and Lisa!)  I could tell you that an incredible thing happened and I am so blessed that I listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  I was moments from taking Evaleigh on a walk and we would have been gone an hour.  Instead I had a feeling I should linger around the house a few more minutes.  In that time I heard a loud gushing sound coming from upstairs...I found water EVERYWHERE.  Thank GOD I caught it and turned it off in time, I feel so much gratitude for that.  I could tell you that i have been getting to play with Evaleigh a lot more lately because she has been awake more than usual. I could tell you that because of John's sickness I have gotten to snuggle him more and take care of him, and that makes me feel good.  I could tell you that I am grateful for experiences that reaffirm to me my self worth.

I prefer to look at my life the second way.
I am blessed, I am happy, and I am positive.


Miranda said...

i absolutely love this! thanks for sharing! It's really easy to get so wrapped up in the negatives that you forget the positives!

Young People in Love said...

SO needed this. THANK YOU.

amy D said...

oh girl, i love this!!! i tend to look at things way too often from that first perspective. but the second is just beautiful. hope things settle down soon! :)

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Oh my, what a rough two weeks! I'm glad you have a positive perspective on the situation. It's hard not to get caught up in the first!

Meredith said...

hi love! hope life brightens up for you. way to have a positive perspective :)

maybe the fact that i nominated you for an award over at my blog will brighten your day? maybe?


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