the busiest

It feels like the past two weeks have been some of the busiest of my life.  Between getting home from Colorado, packing up all of our belongings to move back to Atlanta, being sick, unpacking all of our things, setting up a home, being without hot water and heat for almost two weeks, creating set designs for Christmas shoots with Holly Robbins, and getting ready for our church Primary program I have been a mess.  We still have a few things to settle in and I am slowly working on it now.  

In the meantime I want to share my absolute favorite set from our fall shoot with Holly L. Robbins. I have been waiting to share these since our shoot and finally got them this weekend! 

Can't wait to share our Christmas shoot!


Megan said...

You sound like you need a holiday, I would seriously book one if my life looked that hectic, which it has, once or twice before.

Such a cute photoshoot, you guys look adorable!

Unknown said...

super cute photos!


Rachel said...

These photos are perfection! You ladies have quite the talent!And I hope life slows down for you a bit, it definitely sounds like a whirl wind couple of weeks!

Thank you for such sweet and encouraging words on my post today...your prayers are much appreciated!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Such cute photos! Love the setting!

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