oh bill

There is something pretty important that Evaleigh doesn't know yet.
We are getting new member of the family, and he's coming on Saturday.
Let me explain.
Yesterday while doing some Christmas shopping I got a phone call from my Pawpaw.  He is the cutest and sweetest Pawpaw there ever was.  Here is how the phone call sounded.

*just a imagine a really southern old man's voice* "Hey Rachel!  How are you?"
"I'm great Pawpaw, just out doing some Christmas shopping, you?"
"I'm doing just great, is Evaleigh around?"
"She sure is, I have her right here on my hip."
"Well I want to make sure she can't hear me.  I want to tell you what I got her for Christmas."
"Ok, I'm pretty sure she can't hear you, what is it?"
*in the most excited voice possible* "I got her a puppy!"
"You aren't serious.............WAIT, are you?"
"I am sure am!  I want to give her a puppy!"


First off let me say that I think its absolutely precious that he wants to give her a puppy.
Secondly I am a lady that literally NEVER thought I would own an animal.  Sure maybe when the kids were old enough to help out and share the responsibility and if they begged hard enough we would maybe think about it....maybe.
  I am allergic to pet fur.  
Their hair laying around grosses me out.  
And I can't stand the eye boogers and slobber.
And third I just have no idea where he even got the idea to get us a puppy with out any prior conversation about it but he was just so happy and excited all I could do was shake my head and laugh.

***TIME IN***

"Well, do you want to call John and talk to him about it?"
"You bet I do!  I'll call you right back."

Talking to John was just about as easy as could be.  He said it was ok!

So Saturday we are meeting the new 10 week old member of our family and Evaleigh is going to flip.  She is obsessed with dogs, I mean look at her face at 00:32 in this video.  I can't wait to watch them wrestle on the floor and take baths together every night.

As soon as we decided to do it I was equally excited and terrified.

We are going to name him Bill.  
After Pawpaw.
Oh Bill.


Jeans and a Teacup said...

Oh my gosh...haha! I love dogs...well, little dogs! And if someone told me that they were giving me a great dane or something I would totally freak out! I'm also allergic to cats so that would be bad too. I hope it all works out!

Vickie said...

That's so awesome!! I love dogs!!! But you aren't really supposed to bathe dogs every night just fyi...

Hilary Lemon said...

Oh, good luck! I've always loved pets, but since having a baby... not as much. Our 13-year-old family pug lives with me and Mike now. He's trampled Charlie twice. If he can't get a hang of respecting the baby, he might need a new place to lay his sheddy, smelly doggy butt! Haha... Can't wait to see pictures of Bill!

Rachel said...

Believe me, I felt the same way about dogs. But once you meet him, you'll change your mind! ;)

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