Well I am trying not to fall behind on these! 
Here is month 10.

Little girl has been:

very clingy to her dada, she loves to wave 'bye-bye' to him through the glass door in the mornings
enjoying being spoiled with Christmas Reeses from her Pawpaw
maybe teething again
trying to chew on any cord in reach
ripping up little pieces of paper and trying to eat them
starting to wander in the pews in church on Sunday
sleeping through the night til 6 then going back to bed til 9/9:30
pointing at all of the new decorations that go up in the house and making sure that her Grandmommee sees every single one of them when she comes to visit
giving her mama sweet open mouth kisses


Anonymous said...

Cute! and I LOVE the new header and layout, it look so good!

Rachel said...

My favorite video so far! Love that song! The cellulite bum made me laugh!

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