DIY Instagram Board Book

Last year I worked for about 4 months collecting images all around our home to make EJ her very own Alphabet Board Book.  It all started around the end of summer when I was house sitting with Lisa at a beautiful little bungalow near the city.  I have fond memories of watching An Affair to Remember all snuggled up with some Ben & Jerry's and shooing away two doggies.  RIP little bungalow, I sure enjoyed pretending you were my house.  Hey Lis, I wish we could go back.

Here are the images in 3 volumes. (1,2,3)

I found a company that does custom board books and sent the book off to print for a Christmas present for Evaleigh.  I used My Custom Story.  I highly recommend them.  The quality of the book has withstood the test of my little book biter and they shipped it a couple of weeks sooner than expected!  I am so in love with how it turned out and I love seeing EJ enjoy it.  (P.S. I spy one hand of painted fingernails and a curl popping out of her head at the end!)


Haley said...

love love and more love. :) What a thoughtful gift she'll cherish forever! And I'm sure Evaleigh will read it to her littles one day. :) Thank you for the link to that book making website...love that they do board books!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

What a cool idea! The book looks great!

Jeans and a Teacup

Laura Wynn said...

What a sweet book!! I had no idea you could make your own board books, I'll have to look into it for sure!

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