Vintage First Birthday Tea Party for Evaleigh

This past weekend we celebrated one whole year of Evaleigh Joy's life.  We had a Vintage Tea Party for her at our little townhouse in Atlanta.  So many people helped to make this day special.  (A special thanks to Karen and CJ for helping me learn how to frost a ruffle cake!)  EJ was a perfect birthday girl.  She walked around so proud of her new dress and smiled and was happy the whole time (except when she almost inhaled all of the frosting off of the top of her cupcake).  We loved watching her with all of her family and friends who came.  It was a tight squeeze in our little space but thankfully the weather was kind and we made it work.  We had all of EJ's monthly videos playing in the living room for everyone to watch.  Thank you to everyone who made her First Birthday so special!

Happy Birthday darling girl, we can't wait to see what this next year is like with you!

Tea cups and mugs: Anthropologie-similar
Striped Paper Straws : Target
Big Round Balloons: Balloonsfast.com
Felt Balls: Tadaa Studio Felt


Alyssa said...

This is truly lovely! What a fun idea for a little lady!

Whim Wham Life said...

oh my heart, this is too cute! happy birthday little {big} EJ!:-) xoxo

Rachel said...

This is just perfect! I have always loved the tea party theme, I had it for my bridal shower. You did an amazing job on the cake, too! Happiest 1st Birthday EJ!

amy D said...

This party looks stunning, Rachel!!! Fabulous job. :) I'm sure she felt treasured and adored. :)
Happy birthday to your sweet little one! :)

Katy said...

what a perfect little party. I just love it. So precious

Holly said...

Happy birthday to your little one! What a beautiful party - love it!

I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your blog, but I've been reading for a while. I think you live near me now - Sweet Dees's cupcakes is near my house. And I think I remember reading that you went to Sherry's Produce, which is near me too.

Hope you're liking our town! :)


Laura Wynn said...

eek!! This is sooooo cute! Can I totally steal your set up for my baby shower?! I just might. So cute. Love, Love, love it all.

balloons lane said...

cute party and pictures

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