learning from them

Tonight I learned a lesson. Twice.

John was doing bathtime with EJ after our dinner of pork chops and baked red peppers, zucchini, and squash.  I was hurrying to clean up the kitchen and get done as many chores possible before the little girl was ready to get out, suit up in her jammies, and go to sleep.  
**Rinse and load dishes, start the load of dishes, clean counter tops, tidy up the living room, tackle laundry, tidy EJ's room before bed...especially the tee pee full of stuffed animals.**
Evie and I took a nap in the tee pee together today it looked like a stuffed animal explosion happened and there were many casualties. Furry bodies lay there in a mangled messy pile and it was my last feat.  
John was calling from the bathroom, "Babe you gotta come see this! She has a foam 2 stuck to her ear and she doesn't even care!"
In my head, "I have a very important thing I'm doing right now...this animal massacre can't wait." 
Out loud, "Ok just a minute."
Then with these words from John my heart was pricked, "Well its not going to be like this forever."
I dropped that bunny and went straight to the bathroom.  Evie smiled right at me with a giant blue foam 2 on the side of her face.  She was adorable and giggling.  To think I could have missed that silly little moment...

Not 20 minutes later Evie is asleep and my love is on the couch downstairs. I ask him to go fix us a bowl of pineapple upsidedown cake and he groans and says, "All I want to do is snuggle and lay my head on your lap."  I was hesitant because I had blog work to do and I wanted to get my work done and dangit...I wanted some cake.  But I let him anyway and I'm so glad I did.  He fell asleep in my lap and I loved it.

People are what are important.  Not our tasks and to do lists.    Moments like these don't last forever so we need to appreciate them while we can. Its easy to forget that sometimes.  But I am glad I have my sweet little family to remind me. 


Sara said...

This is a good post. :)

Alyssa said...

Amen. Thank you for this sweet post.

Jessica Holly said...

I feel like I'm constantly fighting this same thing!

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